Introduction to Team Leaders' General Knowledge (7): Understanding of Team Leaders' Occupation

(7) Understanding of the leader’s occupation

When you choose a tour leader (guide) as a professional, how much do you know about the market and market conditions of this profession? Past history, choose us for survival, career. In history, we choose to enjoy our careers. If you use a team leader to make a living, the prospects are not optimistic about the tour guide. Xinjiang is rich in trekking resources and is a paradise for hikers. However, the leader cannot be heaven. The leader is not only to take the road to the right. The first few classes were down. Many of my classmates who have heard of my class know what the leader is doing. Many do not say, but also bear the corresponding risks and responsibilities. Then, the professional quality requirement for the leader (tour guide) is very high. When you choose this career, can you understand the following conditions:

I. Analysis from natural resources

With abundant walking resources and undeveloped routes, this business opportunity attracts a large number of ragged leaders who flock to it. As the team leader only sees business opportunities, he does not see the natural dangers. As the saying goes, “The water and fire are good. "Relentless" In the face of disasters from nature, how much prevention do you have as a leader? Although the resources are abundant, the complicated geographical environment and changing climate phenomena indicate a high probability of risk.

Second, from the personal ability analysis

First of all, physical strength is not enough (it is a hard indicator for team leader assessment). Even ten kilometers outside can not go down. This kind of physical strength cannot lead the team. why? There are too many reasons. In the process of leading the team, the players will tell you one by one, and I will not need to say more here. Second, the reserve situation of the route. Long-term and short-term are all accumulated experiences. If this hasn’t happened yet, there’s no walk anywhere. By walking on the line temporarily, following the trend, and monotonously winding around, this situation will not last long, and it will not happen. If something goes wrong, the sky will never die. It will kill you, and it will be sooner or later. (One of the words) Therefore, when choosing a career as a leader, you need to reserve a large number of routes. Again, is there leadership talent? If not, it is possible to learn through hard work.

Third, from the perspective of market analysis

(1) Small market. There is competition in the market. The competitors faced by the new leader are: A. Outdoor team leaders, mainly selling outdoor products, supplemented by teams, mostly self-help in the off-season, and mostly commercial activities in the busy season. B. The club leader is basically a commercial activity. The nature of exploring the road is self-help. C. The professional old team leader has an independent style, leading the team in the form of cutting-edge, difficult, and graded business lines. D, the leader of the player's birth, led the team in the form of self-help, rarely with commercial activities. E. The tour guide will lead the team in the form of a line of sights for corruption attractions and sightseeing customs. Despite the above rivals, the leader’s occupation is still unable to meet the market’s needs. The leader of the first-phase training class will be able to win the fittest soon after it is put on the outdoor market. Then the rest is not necessarily the strong one, because a good leader must pass the test of time. The new team leader has to work hard to deal with the relationship between his peers in the small market. Otherwise, the contradiction from the inside is not clear.

(2) Big market. There are more and more consumers, and the outdoor form is a great one for the team leader. A. Different regions, levels of consumption, and concepts are very different. We have been advocating for the leader to take the business route. Actually, this is not an easy task. It requires mature opportunities and takes time. When we engage in all business routes, the legal awareness of the common people will enter the business accordingly. There are three shorts and two shorts. We will use the law to swear to you at any time, so small money is not very good. Such as: Nanshan day tour a fee of 35 yuan \ per person, OVER one, in the face of the game leader is the same to play. B. Make a lot of money. After the leader’s line is mature, the service is in place and the people’s money is better earned. The customs and landscapes of this kind of place in Xinjiang are the most attractive to people in the mouth and foreigners. The leader must use commercial vision to develop his own business road. The business route is best to go out of the country and go abroad, and to use Xinjiang’s outdoor resources to go abroad. Such as: Yu Chunshun, Zhao Ziyun. They have made great contributions to the propaganda in Xinjiang, and you may not be able to make a name for yourself.

(3) Common market. The new leader Ye Hao and the old leader Ye Hao must maintain market conditions. It is not because of a little contradiction that small problems can be reduced in price, cheap, and marked with price. Such a small move will cut off everyone’s financial resources, and the chain reaction will also cause them to go to a blind alley, be rejected by their peers, run on the bank, and this line will not mix.

Fourth, from the legal point of view

Because I did not engage in legal work, I can only briefly talk about the legal knowledge that the leader needs to understand from a personal point of view. To learn more about professional claims knowledge, you can consult a lawyer. A. With self-help activities, when there is no economic interest relationship between the team leader and the team members, the responsibility of the team leader may be shared equally with the team members. It is also possible that the team leader will act as the sponsor of the event and bear more than other team members. Then the new leader must bring along business activities by self-help activities to temper themselves and mature themselves, which will assign risks and responsibilities to the team members. Why are many pathfinders self-help? Because there is a certain risk, and the team members are the best escorts of the team leader, of course, the team will be able to build on the basis of a willingness to fight. There are other situations of self-help. When you choose to lead the profession, this is to be clearly recognized. B. With commercial activities, and the establishment of an economic relationship between the team leader and the team members, the team leader must assume the responsibility of “all”, and accordingly, troubles will increase. Well, this "all" is not what I say, but the player's proposal, made by the law, at this time, the leader is passive. We often see the leaders of commercial activities on the Internet. When there are disputes, we are yelling. "I have collected you for a certain amount of money. Why do you want me to be like that?" Obviously, the leader is not aware of the interests of the business route. Later, I will give a great deal of examples to illustrate some of the leader’s route pricing techniques, how much they are priced in proportion to what they are paid for, and how the team leader uses the Internet to promote themselves.

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