Study thinks: carton packaging is more environmentally friendly than plastic bottles

From the perspective of product life cycle assessment, carton packaging (PET bottle) plastic bottles have higher environmental and ecological advantages, but no matter what kind of packaging and other systems, carton packaging, environmental protection is very prominent. Recently, a study published in the Institute of Energy and Environment (IFEU) in Heidelberg, Germany, was published.

In fact, the environmental performance of the purchase of packaging cartons has also been confirmed from the consumer's preference. In Europe, a survey showed that raw materials from forest carton packs, the global consumer preference reached 66%, in China reached 84%, while the choice of raw materials from petroleum (such as plastic bottles) packaging is only 18 %, only 14% of China.

The German market report is widely used in milk containers and plastic bottles for research and analysis of objects used in beverages ranging from 200 ml to a capacity of 1.5 liters and involves liquid foods such as fruit juices, milk, ice teas, and milk drinks. The research mainly focuses on the life cycle of the product and its impact on the environment. From the point of view of the eight major projects, the comparison is evaluated. The results showed that, whether it is juice or dairy products, there are over 8 items in the carton at room temperature that are packaged in excess of 6 plastic bottles, showing obvious ecological advantages. Experts from the Institute of Energy and Environment said that according to research, the advantages of carton packaging and plastic bottles are mainly concentrated in two major areas: the impact on global consumption of mineral resources is also low.

The rapid growth of carton packaging is not only their health, safety, lighting and other advantages that have been recognized by many consumers to enhance people's environmental awareness, carton packaging and environmental characteristics will make more and more consumers.

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