Know the common sense of wood flooring selection

Lesson 1: Understanding Wood Species

Wooden floors bring a natural touch to the home. The solid wood flooring is completely taken from natural wood, and the surface of the composite floor is also a piece of natural wood. Two-winged beans, braised skin, jade, oak, borneol, rich wood, iron wire, racing shoes, pigeonpeas... The names of the wood species on the market are varied, while the singularity of the green beans, the natural fresh pears, the romantic petty bourgeoisie The white ivory and the rich and precious red sandalwood are the wood species that Guangzhou consumers prefer. Here is a brief introduction to everyone:

Innocent king of teak

Guangzhou people prefer solid wood flooring and prefer teak. Teak is definitely the "innocent king" in the decoration wood. This high-grade wood species, which is prolific in Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, South America and other places, is favored by wood hard, with an average price of 500~550 yuan / square meter. Indonesian teak is more obvious in strength and toughness, but its elasticity and shrinkage are poor. The teak in Myanmar is excellent in the above aspects, and the best produced in "Wacheng".

Chino's Gamba

Gamba is a variety of wood with a large number of colors. Due to the rich production area, the quality is also uneven. Ganba Bean is a cost-effective, more affordable sheet. At present, the discount price of the mainstream solid wood flooring brand in Guangzhou is around 180 yuan / square meter.

Due to the color of the gamamba beans, you must pay attention to the selection of the same color system when purchasing. During construction, pay special attention to the joints between the floors that are not too loose. It is best to use crystal floor paint or semi-matte floor paint.

Natural fresh pear

The rosewood in the floor is quite different from the rosewood in the furniture. Huali's scientific name “Daguo Tanmu” is produced in South America. Because the pattern is mountain type, it will be beautifully landscaped in the hall of 40~60 square meters, so it is used in the hall. The rosewood itself is relatively stable in wood and is not prone to cracking. The market price is 500~550 yuan/square meter.

Romantic petty white ivory

White symbolizes purity and style. The white ivory of the scientific name "Bafuyu" is a light white wood on the market. The pattern is delicate, the texture is simple, and the yellow is white. The overall feeling is simple with the single piece. The price is 280~350 yuan / square meter. The white ivory wood produced in South America has a higher self-regulation than the musk, and the dryness is better than the musk. The hardness is slightly softer than the musk. It should be said that the white ivory is relatively stable in all aspects.

Rich and flamboyant rosewood

Red sandalwood, the name is very noble, in fact, the scientific name "antmu" red sandalwood is also favored by the noble wood species, the new species of wood produced in the East Indonesia Peninsula and Malaysia is bright red, the old is purple, the texture is solid Fine, sinking into the water, and shiny and beautiful lines. It should be noted that the maintenance of the red sandalwood is very important, and it is not allowed to directly illuminate the sun, tow or sharpen heavy objects. The market price of red sandalwood is around 400 yuan / square meter.

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