Recycling and processing of PVC and PE plastic bottles

First, the PVC plastic bottles were cleaned with steam and alkali solution to remove the trademarks, and then mechanically and artificially performed first. After sorting, the PVC plastic bottles were subjected to secondary crushing. Finally, powdery recycled products with a fineness of 500-1200 μm were obtained. Purity up to 99.98%

Recycling of PE plastic bottles: PE used as bottle material is mainly made of HDPE, including dairy products bottles, food bottles, cosmetic bottles, etc. After sorting, the HDPE recycling bottles after cleaning can be crushed and selected for the following purposes:

1 Use coloring Coke bottle holder

2 Used for coextruding the middle core layer of the pipe

3 Filled talcum powder or glass fiber manufacturing flower cup or injection molding products.

4 It is composited with the fiber and used as artificial wood. Because the wood fiber has poor compatibility with HDPE, it is necessary to add an appropriate coupling agent or use activated wood fiber.

5 Produce artificial gravel, smash HDPE plastic bottles into small pieces or granules, and then, on the surface, grind them with yarns, metals, etc., and mix them with concrete or asphalt for civil construction materials.

the flat paper rope machines are widely used to make the fat paper ropes for flat paper handle and flat paper bags. 

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Flat Paper Rope Making Machine

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