Beer bottle new use: amount of salt

Not long ago, an ordinary beer bottle cap became a treasure in the villages and fields of Xining City. Many local farmers are busy collecting beer caps and using bottle caps to measure salt.

In the past, farmers in Xining had a heavy taste, and they often added excessive amounts of salt to their cooking and tea, which increased the prevalence of local hypertension. After publicity, many people also know that the daily salt intake can not be more than 5 grams, but it is difficult to grasp in practical operation. Beer bottle caps solve this problem better, and a cap of salt is about 5 grams. It is reported that in the next step, the government will also issue quantitative spoons to everyone as soon as possible.

This matter was widely praised by the local people. The beer bottle with 5 grams of salt is heavy.

Over the years, publicity has been heard on “eating oil and eating salt, and providing less and less good”. But when it comes to cooking, the masses often give up because they are difficult to grasp.

Checking the weight of 5 grams of salt should not be a complicated matter; giving a quantitative spoon to everyone does not require too high a cost. This matter is done by the government both in terms of integrity and merit.

Indeed, there are many things the government has to do. But the interests of the people are no small matter. The "little thing" of a bottle of salt is about 5 grams. It is a big thing for the people. It is precisely these things that the government should not lack.

Around us, there are many "little things" related to people's livelihood. As long as the government is committed, it will continue to discover it and find ways to resolve it in a timely manner. Such "little things" do more, people will certainly look in the eyes, sweet in the heart, smile on his face, the community will have a more harmonious.

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