Paper cutter market prospects are promising

In recent years, the demand for automatic paper cutters, CNC paper cutters, automatic CNC paper cutters, electric paper cutters, and program-controlled paper cutters has been expanding in the domestic market. Relevant people believe that in the next few years, the paper cutter will have a good market prospect in China.

The paper cutter is a paper processing equipment that is widely used in a series of paper and non-paper processing fields and is a general-purpose equipment. At the same time, the paper cutter also plays an important role in the printing machinery products. In the printing machinery product family, the large-scale lithographic printing machine is sold in large quantities, and the second is the paper cutting machine, which is an essential equipment in the printing enterprise. One. With the improvement of the level of science and technology, the automation level of the paper cutter has been improved rapidly. The automatic paper cutter, CNC paper cutter, automatic CNC paper cutter, electric paper cutter, program-controlled paper cutter and other program-controlled, computer-controlled Paper cutters have dominated the market.

At present, there are about 100 domestic paper cutter manufacturers. Due to the rapid development of China's printing industry, the annual import volume of printing machinery is still high, and the import volume of paper cutters is also growing. In 2002, only about 2,134 imported paper cutters were imported, and foreign exchange was paid for 59.95 million US dollars. Shandong Jinan Sanhuang paper cutter believes that China's paper cutter manufacturers have huge room for development, and China's paper cutter manufacturers must revitalize national brands.

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