How to use equipment to build men's sexy pectoral muscle

A broad mind is always irresistible for ladies. Therefore, it is fashionable for men to choose to exercise the pectoral muscles in the fitness center.

Barbell——Pectoral muscle thickness

To increase muscle mass, barbell practice is the most important and basic exercise. Li Meijian Senior Instructor advises the coach to advise the beginner to put the barbell practice into the first step, because the barbell exercise has a relatively small movement, so it must be from different angles (upslope and downslope), using different grip distances. Stimulates the entire chest muscles. The relatively simple and safe exercise method is a flat barbell bench press, which can effectively exercise the entire chest and increase the thickness.

Lay flat on the bench and lay your feet on the ground. Then adjust the front and back of your body so that your eyes are directly under the barbell on the bench. The grip is slightly wider than the shoulder. Remove the barbell from the bench and slowly lower the bar until the upper arm is parallel to the floor. Repeat the practice of the three or four groups in this way, each group about 12-15 European push action, depending on the individual's physical condition. After skilled, you can do a slash barbell bench press, focus on the lower chest muscles, the operation is slightly more difficult.

Dumbbells - breast width

Dumbbell exercises require more balance and coordination than barbell exercises to control weight. They have a greater range of motion, so they can stretch muscles and train broadly. There are two general training exercises, flat bench dumbbell bench presses and flat dumbbells.

The former is lying flat on a training bench with dumbbells in each hand. Straighten your arms, lift the dumbbells with your palms facing each other, slowly lower the dumbbells until the upper arm is parallel to the ground, and then push the dumbbells back to the starting position and repeat. The so-called dumbbell birds are lying on the training bench, holding their dumbbells in their hands and facing each other. Open their arms and slowly lower the dumbbells along the circular trajectory to the sides of the body until the upper arm is parallel to the ground, and then return to the ground. .

Both groups of sports must pay attention to the process of pushing up, make sure to push up the dumbbell vertically, do not skew. Remind the coach to beginners to ask for protection from the side to avoid muscle damage if the movement is not coordinated. One of the benefits of dumbbell exercises is that they can be performed anytime, anywhere, advising coaches at home and practicing in the mirror, correcting their movements, and enjoying their exercise results.

Chest clip machine——Pectoral muscle separation

This device is specifically designed for practicing pectoral muscle separation. Compared with other methods of exercising chest muscles at home, this device is highly targeted. When practicing, the back must be close to the backrest, and when forced, it should be forced by the elbow. Because the buttocks and the back rest against the backrest, only the chest muscles can be used. With this equipment exercise, 95% of the effect is on the pectoralis major, and this exercise will not cause any harm to other parts of the body.

It is important to complete the task of strengthening the chest, but we must not be greedy for it. Note that the time for each training is controlled at about 45 minutes. Adhere to a gym once a week and work with a balanced diet. It will take about two months to achieve initial results.

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