"Silver" toys add fun to the elderly

It seems that the "Silver" toy can bring joy to the elderly and can also add trouble to the elderly. To this end, Xue Haibo, a researcher at the Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, believes that it is best to communicate with the elderly when buying toys for the elderly to explain their own ideas.

Old man toy
Old man toy (data picture)

[Chinese and foreign toy nets · Consumer culture] The snow outside the window, the north wind whistling, these do not affect the "game" enthusiasm of the elderly friends in the winter. During the visit, the reporter found that with the improvement of life ideology, the hobbies and hobbies of the elderly have added new trends. At the same time as traditional games, toys and video games have begun to occupy a place in the elderly. Whether it is a model toy or an electronic game, the elderly have a lot of fun, and they love it. There is a tendency for the city to be an old urchin.

In the interview, Feng Lao was in a toy store near the intersection of Guilin Road and Baihui Street in Changchun City. The store was small and the style of the toys was dazzling. To the reporter's surprise, the shop's customers were mostly elderly, and the reporter selected the old-fashioned old man as an interviewee. "When I was young, I was engaged in design work, and I loved to fight for it. If the model of the design is not as high as other masters or the appearance is not beautiful, I will not be convinced, and I will design a better product when I go home and stay up late. Now the age is big. This temper can't be changed. I know it is a game, but once I lose, my heart is still uncomfortable..." Feng Lao is 72 years old. He can talk about the speed of speech. It is still very fast, and he can't be interrupted by others. Dump out.

After retirement, Feng Laoyang fish farming flowers are very comfortable at home. During the National Day of 2010, several old friends played "Hua Rong Dao" during the party. In the afternoon, Feng Lao played 6 games, and did not win in one game. It was the worst score. When they were dispersed, everyone gave him back. A nickname is "Feng Quan loses." Feng Lao, who is accustomed to winning, decided to practice first and then compete with friends. This is not, he deliberately came to the toy store to buy "Hua Rong Dao" toys, Feng Lao specially selected a manual with instructions for research.

The reporter noticed that in addition to some traditional Chinese military chess, chess, Go, checkers, Song Dynasty Jiuhuan, Kong Mingsuo, Huarong Road and other leisure toys, this toy store also has some foreign imported educational toys . The owner of the store manager Ma said that the opening time of the toy store is not long, and the types of toys operated are mainly for the elderly. Before opening the store, he had done market research and found that in the developed countries of Europe and America, the toys of the elderly are called "silver" toys. The use of toys for the elderly has become one of the mainstream projects of gathering and leisure. After returning to Changchun, he found that in the Chaoyang District, where the consumption level is high, 92% of the elderly who have played the "Golden" toy experience; 33% of the elderly who often play the "Golden" toy; but the sales " The shop of the silver "toy" only accounts for 2% of the toy stores. There are not many choices for the elderly to buy toys that suit them. Therefore, he opened such a shop with the "silver" toys as the mainstream in Chaoyang District.

Manager Ma told reporters: "Now the toy market has a heavier share of children's toys . It is widely noted that toys can improve children's attention and cognitive ability. In fact, toys have the same effect on the elderly. Delaying brain aging, in addition to To maintain good living habits and moderate exercise, it is the most effective way to use both hands and brains, and playing with toys can do just that. For those who have early manifestations of Alzheimer's, playing toys can be mitigated to some extent. The condition." Manager Ma also revealed that from the market feedback, the price of 30 yuan - 120 yuan between the single-piece toys is most popular with older friends.

In order to verify the manager of the horse, the reporter shuttled to the major toy stores and toy counters in Changchun. In the counters of Changchun Eurasia Shangdu Toys, the reporter saw a pair of middle-aged couples leading an elder to choose a toy. In the face of interviews, Grandma Wang seems to have resentment: "My fifth birthday is my birthday, my daughter and son-in-law sent me a set of solid wood puzzles, very expensive. I like Suzhou gardens, the pattern of the puzzle is also Suzhou garden, at first I still I like it very much. Who knows that after the puzzle was opened, a total of 860 small planks, I spent three days, even half of them did not fight, it was very angry. The daughter and son-in-law promised to give me a birthday gift, this is not, today is On Sunday, I made a special trip to buy toys.” Wang’s daughter’s daughter said with a twilight. The jigsaw puzzle is a popular intellectual game that is very popular. Children and middle-aged people love it. Deliberately selected a set of personalized personalized puzzles for the mother. The pattern of the puzzle is a photo of a Suzhou garden familiar to the mother. I wanted to remind my mother of the story of a young age and relive the memories of that time. "Jigsaws are actually very fun. Every piece has its own position. Just like every piece of memory has its own story. You have to put it in a special place. If you put it right, you will gradually enrich it. If you put it wrong, you will be mistaken. I can't complete it. Before I bought the puzzle, I discussed it with my lover. The toy is too simple. The old man will feel uninterested and can't play the role of exercising the brain, so it is difficult to pick it up. But we are too big, ignore it. The mother is 78 years old, and nearly a thousand puzzles are too complicated for people of this age."

The sales staff here said that there are not many toys for the elderly in the market. Some toys for the elderly and children can play, but it is best to choose toys for the elderly. At the request of Wang Grandma, the salesman recommended a dart made of magnets. "Auntie, this dart is safe and fun, can exercise and exercise the brain to prevent dementia. In addition, the price of this dart toy is not expensive, only 60 Yuan Qian." After the grandmother tried it, she bought it happily.

It seems that the "Silver" toy can bring joy to the elderly and can also add trouble to the elderly. To this end, Xue Haibo, a researcher at the Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, believes that it is best to communicate with the elderly when buying toys for the elderly to explain their own ideas. If you send a toy with a loss of confidence, I am afraid that the elderly will not only appreciate it, but feel that they have been fooled. The difficulty of purchasing a puzzle game toy is best for the age of the elderly. It is usually used at home to kill time. If the toy is favored by the elderly, once it comes to interest, it will often be loved and treated as a long-term hobby. (王钰)

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