The door decoration is not to be overlooked.

Regardless of the building or the bungalow, the door of the house is the most external sign of the separation of the interior and exterior space. It is the mouth of the air. The door accepts the atmosphere of the outside world, just as the mouth of the human body accepts food. The gate is an angry hub, and the facade of the house is a barrier that divides the social and private space. Therefore, the role of the gate can be imagined.

The flow of the door is very close to the flow of the inside and outside, because the inside and outside air cannot pass through the solid walls of the house and can only pass through the door. The external gates affect the entry and exit of the outside air, while the internal doors have a great impact on the home's internal gas. Everyone who enters and exits their own door every day will be affected by the feng shui of the gate. So how to arrange the door, what direction to pay attention to, etc., is crucial for each of our users.

The following is the feng shui master Dong Yilin provides you with the knowledge of home door Feng Shui:

(1) Open the left door: In Feng Shui, there is a Mingtang in front of the door. If there is greenery, flat land, pool, parking place, etc. in front, the opening door is the first choice. If there is no Mingtang in front, it is better to open the left side, or that most of the doors should be opened from the left: the so-called Zuo Qinglong right white tiger, Qinglong in the left, and the white tiger in the right, so all the doors should be left Open for the Kyrgyzstan, that is to say, from the inside out, the door handle should be placed on the left side. If the door is opened upside down, it will easily lead to family disputes. The opening of the North Gate is Xuanwu Gate, which is even more unsatisfactory. It is called the Ghost Gate in foreign countries, and it also means "beating the North". Therefore, the home must be carefully opened to the North Gate.

(2) When installing the gate, it must be seen that the wood grain is smooth or retrograde. The pattern from the bottom to the top is usually a grain, and the grain from top to bottom is a reverse grain. The back door makes the home quiet and smooth, and the reverse door may make the home more varied and unsmooth.

(3) The height of the door is to be proportional. Usually based on seven feet. Too high a door will make people lose their senses of reason and greed, and they have fierceness. If the door is too low and too small, it will appear to be occluded, and Pepsi will not be able to enter. It may cause people to lose confidence or cause many setbacks.

(4) The door cannot be facing the elevator: the building's home door cannot be facing the elevator door, which is causing adverse luck for the accident, and the residents are prone to disease.

(5) The door cannot be straight to the window, the back door or the toilet: the door and the window are the openings for the qi to enter and exit the house. The door cannot be connected with the window and the back door in a straight line, forming the front and rear doors to wear, so that the qi can go straight out and cannot be gathered in the house. Therefore, wealth cannot be collected, so it is said that it is a fortune. The toilet is a space for people to excrete, and the essence is not clean, so the door should not be directly facing the toilet. Directly facing the toilet will make financial investment mistakes and damage the family's wealth.

(6) There should be a porch in the main entrance and the living room: the feng shui should be "happy to whirl, avoid direct rushing." The entrance and the living room are provided with porch or low cabinets to make the internal and external buffers, and the qi can be gathered in the living room after being swirled. The interior of the house is also hidden, and the outside is not easy to pry into. Hidden deep inside the home, a symbol of good fortune stretch.

(7) The outer gate, the inner gate, the inner door, etc. cannot be on the same straight line. The front and rear doors are worn, and the main wealth cannot be gathered. In addition, the direct access to the door will lead to a lot of trouble. If there are several rooms in the house, don't set up a few doors that go straight from the gate to the end. Also, like a hotel hotel, a corridor is connected with a row of several rooms, otherwise it is prone to an affair or elopement. Safe and difficult to protect.

(8) There must be no two or more colors on an independent door. Otherwise, this will have a sloppy and repetitive effect.

(9) Try to avoid having a rounded door in the house. The circle represents the movement, and the home is quiet, so it is greatly unsuitable. Moreover, the arched shape is also very unlucky. If it is beautiful, you can use the square arch.

(10) The gate shall open inwardly and shall not open outward. Because the main air intake of the door, if the door is opened outward, then it will send the peaceful air inside the house, which is lost and broken.

(11) The way of the door: The entrance to the gate is the mouth of the house. It should be neat and bright, and it is not suitable to accumulate debris so as not to hinder luck. Should avoid two pairs of right or overlapping parallel, otherwise it will damage health, career and family peace; two doors bite, will make family members often quarrel. Opening the door to see the wall or opening the door to see the activities of another room will disturb the circulation of the body's gas and cause physical discomfort. Large rooms such as bedrooms and living rooms should be opened, and small rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens should be opened. Because the door will have a certain oppressive effect on the small door, if the door of the bathroom is too large, health and quality problems will occur, and the family will have indigestion.

The door to the door is so stressful that it is not all that an article can accommodate. The above is to provide some common sense for everyone, hoping to bring you some help.

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