What number of quality control strains should be used for medium acceptance?

The medium and reagents should meet the quality control standards. When using commercially available media and reagents in the laboratory, the manufacturer's information should be retained and the acceptance procedure should be established. If verification is required, it can be performed according to the laboratory's test method for the quality control of commercial media and reagents. Meet the requirements of the appendix quality control standards.
Test strains are a set of strains that have stable characteristics of their representative species and are effective in demonstrating the best performance of a laboratory-specific medium. The test strains are mainly purchased at the standard strain collection center, or may be strains with good characteristics isolated by the laboratory itself. The laboratory should detect and record the characteristics of standard stock strains; or select new strains with typical characteristics that should be used with care; it is best to use strains isolated from food or water.

For the medium without indicator or selection agent, only one positive strain should be used for testing; for the medium or reagent containing indicator or selection agent, the strain which can prove its indication or selection should be tested; The culture medium (such as the medium to which the additive is added) needs to be verified by the following strains:

- a well-growth positive strain with typical reaction characteristics;

- a weakly positive strain (a strain sensitive to a reagent such as a selection agent in the medium);

- a negative strain that does not have this property;

- a strain that is partially or completely inhibited.

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