Pre-employment education for furniture purchase: 6 big 叮嘱

Don't underestimate the problem of buying furniture. It is a matter of spending money and consuming physical strength. If you accidentally buy a home that you don't like, it will not only occupy the seat but also hinder your eye. Before going to the streets, don't forget to do your homework. Buying furniture can also be a happy shopping trip.

There are countless firsts of life in the case of chaos, uneasiness and expectation. The first time you buy furniture, you may encounter some conditions, such as whispering rumors and not knowing the market, and buying expensive furniture; Buying bad products, and treating each salesperson as a liar; or not having to go shopping, like a sight in the streets, you can find your favorite furniture. To avoid these situations, we carefully organize the 6 big cockroaches before buying, and open the mysterious black box for buying furniture.

Pre-employment education for furniture purchase: 6 psychological constructions before purchase

â—† 6 psychological constructions before purchase

1. Exchange time for intelligence

Visiting a furniture store is a very time-consuming thing. The advantage of visiting more and more windings is that after a long time, it will be clear to the current popular furniture styles and general price.

2, teasing furniture store is like running a marathon

If you take sports as an analogy, buying furniture is a marathon that takes time and effort. Therefore, it is best to wear shoes that are easy to walk for a long time. Otherwise, if you don't choose a few stores, you will feel weak.

3, wearing a dress to get a chance to win

The so-called Buddha wants gold, people want clothing, sales personnel for personal purchasing power, and some are still based on the consumer's dress as a judgment. But not necessarily every time you have to wear "very good", before you decide to buy, sometimes casually wear, sales staff are too lazy to care about you, but to get more space for lounging.

4, listen to more and become an expert

Entering the store, you can choose the same furniture as the main target of the inquiry. If you listen to the store's statement, you will naturally distinguish which store is more realistic, and you can also judge the concept and attitude of the store. If you are lucky, you will have many valuable opinions from the conversation process.

5. Make good use of the total budget control method

Sometimes the furniture that I look at is always more expensive than the furniture I want to buy. I list the furniture tables I want to buy and use the total purchase budget to control the amount of furniture. This can reduce a lot of money.

6, good memory is not as bad as a pen

Even if you have the superb skill that you have never forgotten, don't forget to use the furniture under the notes. One is to avoid stunned and forget about it. The second is to avoid the sloppy store and forget your offer. The price of the price when visiting furniture.

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Pre-employment education for furniture purchase: 4 pre-work homework

â—† Must do 4 pre-work homework

Pay more attention to movies, advertisements, and even the display of the window. Furniture for life is as natural and necessary as air. It may not be particularly noticeable in normal times. In fact, as long as these impressions are integrated, you will find that these furniture can be very popular! Collecting new knowledge about furniture in advance will definitely help you out.

Some of the common furniture on the market, a lot of inspiration is derived from world-class designer works, familiar with the designer's work, let you meet the famous brand furniture, no longer have no eyes on Mount Tai.

Through the network, you can search the website and introduction articles of thousands of furniture manufacturers by inputting the word "furniture" on any portal. The content includes product advertisements and some materials. The information is very rich, and the disadvantage is that there is no more. system.

There are a wide variety of interior magazines. You may want to go to the bookstore to find out your favorite styles and layouts as a reference for purchasing furniture.

The real estate sales advertisements distributed by the roadside are popular wind direction balls. If you want to know the interior design case of the latest HOT, you can see the clues from it, and you can get the popular information without price.

Pre-employment education for furniture purchase: 4 decisions for sales staff

â—† 4 decisions to deal with sales staff

When you walk into the store, you have to face the sales staff, how to ask the answers you want, and avoid the enthusiasm of the sales staff. Through the in-depth visits of Mai Haosi Xiaobian, the following tricks can be summarized, no matter what kind of sales personnel are encountered, they can handle it freely.

1. When you are in contact with the furniture salesperson, don't forget to intersperse a few jargon about the furniture material. For example, by pinching the sofa skin, you can feel the thickness of the sofa, first know the thickness of the leather. It is expressed in mm, you can ask the store that it is a few mm thick sofa, to talk about it, so that the store can not easily fool you, it will be more careful and professional.

2, show the personality is not polite: do not like the sales staff urgently swearing, directly indicate that you want to look at the store first, do not easily be affected by the clerk and give up the opportunity to find good furniture.

3, do not let the sales staff step by step: before the sales staff stare, first show a very professional look, carefully watch the furniture, even the store will respect you three points.

4, the absorption of information does not dodge: there are sales staff on the side, in fact, there are many benefits, the first to understand the characteristics of the goods, the second can explore the approximate price, increase the judgment of the price of the purchase.

Pre-employment education for furniture purchase: 5 secrets to buy

â—† 5 must kill the price of the secret

Cheap and good people want to buy, how to kill the price is reasonable, but also to make both buyers and sellers happy, but some skills. Make good use of the following secrets, save more in small places, buy a few pieces of furniture, and accumulate the cost of saving a considerable amount.

1, the waist to kill the price method

All the furniture prices are based on the half price as the benchmark for the price of the price, and then the price of the sales staff slowly rises slightly, and the number goes to the end to find the integer.

2, the accompanying purchase method

Designers are invited to accompany the furniture store, and most of the stores will give discounts in due course.

3, family and friends recommendation method

Investigate with friends and family, if you have any good business, you can introduce them, not only the quality is guaranteed, but also some discounts.

4, straight 捣 Huanglong method

When there is a willingness to purchase, directly bargain with the owner, usually the owner will have a greater discount to the clerk, in order to obtain more favorable discounts.

5, cash exchange discount method

Although most of the stores offer a busy service, some merchants will still want to seek cash, so they can use the cash purchase transaction method to get some discounts from the store.

Pre-departure education for furniture purchase: 5 tips for buying furniture

â—† buy furniture 5 big money saving tips

1. Grasp the year-end discount

The furniture industry is usually not easy to have a large discount, except at the end of the year. In recent years, it has been the peak season for the furniture industry. The discounts range from 30% to 50%. Although it is still necessary to confirm the quality of the products, don't be as rash as buying fruit or toilet paper.

2, the entire group of offers

For the store, it is pleasing to buy a single piece of business, assuming that you want to buy a sofa, single, double, three plus size coffee table, the more the number or the whole group, not afraid of no discount.

3, the sale of goods is cheaper

When you encounter a piece of furniture that is not complete, you can ask the store in reverse: it is not good to sell anyway, it is cheap and sold. Most of these pieces of furniture are small side or bedside tables.

4, the main product discounts

We carefully observe the main products of the store, because there is a large amount of purchases, so the discount space is large. Conversely, non-primary goods may be consigned by other stores, or a small number of futures, because the cost is relatively high, and for the store, the profit is less discounted.

5, furniture exhibition to buy spot

If the goods in the furniture exhibition are not clear, the manufacturer has to bear a transportation cost. Therefore, before the exhibition is over, the spot must be cheap.

Pre-employment education for furniture purchase: 4 must-see rules for field shopping

â—† 4 must-see field practice rules

When you go deep into the furniture street, there will always be some unfamiliar feelings. Several key points are indispensable. Keeping a good command of the teachings and warfare, even if the situation is unclear, you can clearly clear a clear road.

1, don't go to dimly lit stores

Not bright enough to make a false positive judgment about the material, color and workmanship of the furniture.

2. Lock one target at a time

If this is mainly to look at the sofa and the size of the coffee table, concentrate on the firepower to look at these projects, otherwise there will be too many goals, there will always be problems with nowhere to know, and I don’t know where to start.

3, consider the traffic route

Before going out, you should first sort out the places you bought in the street, and plan the route in advance according to the traffic situation or the different purchasing properties of the hypermarket and the furniture street.

4, personal experience

The appearance of furniture is of course important, but the use of materials is not really important. Not only to see, but also to touch, to sit, to lie, to lie, there is no problem of embarrassment, miss the opportunity to experience personally, after all, furniture is not a consumable item at home. Buying a good piece of furniture is a matter of caring for yourself and being considerate.

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