Master the basic principles of self-selected UV light weatherproof test box

Before purchasing the UV weatherproof test chamber, users need to understand the basic conditions and technical principles of the UV weatherproof test chamber, and master the basic principles of purchase, so as to buy back the UV weather resistance test that is satisfactory and can be used with confidence. box.

First, the light source is very important

No matter which UV light-resistant test chamber lamp is selected, the wavelength of the different types of fluorescent UV lamps is different. Users need to know the test wavelength before purchasing or decide which to choose according to the product environment. Kind of lamp.

Second, clever look at technical parameters

For the average user, dozens of technical parameters of the UV weatherproof test chamber are difficult to master as Tianshu. In fact, as long as you grasp a few key indicators affecting the UV light weatherproof test chamber, you can generally discriminate the gold content of the technical indicators of the test. For example, temperature range, ultraviolet wavelength, irradiance, spray, condensation, lamp life, etc.

Third, the number and size of the sample fixture is very important

Be sure to confirm the number and size of the sample holder. Otherwise, if the sample holder size is too small and the sample cannot be placed in the fixture, the purchased UV weather resistant test chamber is wasted.

掌握基本原则 自选紫外光耐气候试验箱三项注意

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