"Two Flowers" Wang Likun makeup analysis

The TV series "Two Flowers" attracted a lot of netizens for a while. The single "hot mom" Song Song Yan value is high enough to have a burst of wood? And the editor thinks that this emotional drama is not only ups and downs in the plot, Wang Likun makeup is also It’s awesome!
The beauty goddess Wang Likun has always been known to everyone with a fresh and pretty image, and then challenged in the hot drama two flowers, gentle and cute and cute single hot mom image, so that when the editor saw the first episode At that time, I was seriously suspected that the way I opened it was wrong. How did the royal sister Kun Kun, who has always won the gas field, become so cute and cute! If you look closely, you will find the mystery!
Warm heart and thick eyebrows to conquer the male god:
Suitable for: girls who are too thin and want to change their face
Careful little friends can easily see that the biggest makeup of Yan Song (Wang Likun) in the play is on the eyebrows! Classical beauty or warm and stupid chicks only need to change the eyebrow makeup to achieve Oh! The eyebrows look more simple and elegant, and at the same time, Kun Kun’s original small face looks softer and more lovely. Is there a woody one? Is there a flawless magical eyebrow makeup?
Rough flat eyebrow painting:
Step1: In order to make it look flat, first use the eyebrow pencil to outline the basic outline (the eyebrows and the eyebrows should be on a line)
Step2: Many girls have a slight squat on their brows or eyebrows. When you paint your eyebrows, you can draw lower heights to balance the problem of eyebrow sag (PS: Be sure to follow the direction of eyebrow growth) )
Step3: Basic eyebrows and painting, but in order to make your eyebrows look more natural, the color of the eyebrows must be 1-2 colors lighter than the hair, so dye the eyebrows to help, first grow against the eyebrows. Brush the eyebrows in the direction (to make the paste fit evenly and evenly on the eyebrows) and then brush it in the direction of growth to comb the messy eyebrows.

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