A brief description of the method of safeguarding beer bottle explosion

July 26 reported a sudden explosion of the beer bottle and wounded the diners. A few days after the incident, Ms. Yu discovered that there were glass bottles of glass beer stuck in the wounds that had been scratched. Ms. Yu made a special trip to hospital for treatment. In the face of medical expenses arising from follow-up treatment, Ms Yu did not know where to go. However, a beer seller told reporters that the explosion of beer bottles, usually shake beer bottles before drinking beer, beer bottles placed on the table under the feet, beer bottles near the fire or exposure to sunlight exposure. Therefore, it is recommended that the public do not ignore the safety hazards of beer bottles when drinking beer in summer.

For this reason, the reporter specially consulted Luo and Hui lawyers of Haoxing Law Firm. Luo Hehui told reporters that if Ms. Yu wanted to safeguard her rights, she should first check the facts. The beer bottle explosion was caused by artificial shaking or natural explosion. If you can find eyewitnesses at the time of the incident, you can go directly to the beer manufacturer to negotiate. If the negotiation fails, you can call the 12315 Consumer Appeals and Reporting Center and complain to the Industry and Commerce Bureau for help. If negotiations are still unsuccessful, Ms. Yu can file a lawsuit in court.


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