Wuhan Tiantian Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. successfully developed a soft bag packing machine

Recently, Wuhan Rentian Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. successfully developed a soft bag packing machine. It fills the domestic gap and marks a major breakthrough in the localization of secondary packaging machinery for flexible packaging. It is suitable for automatic packaging of bagged salt, milk powder, liquid bagged milk, monosodium glutamate, and other soft-bag packaging.

According to reports, the boxing machine consists of five parts: the box picking device, which is used to take the empty box out of the box blank rack, and finish forming, erecting the box, placing the formed box in position, and bottom Closing; stacking device for counting and delaminating the packages delivered by the upstream device; filling device, taking out the forming boxes on the filling table, and stacking the layered packages in the carton; It will output the filled cartons; the electronic control system and the electric control cabinets will be used for the cooperation of the control of the box machines and the entire production line.

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