THE NORTH FACE Casual Shoes Test Report

TNF casual shoes evaluation report


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As soon as I saw THE NORTH FACE (TNF), it gave me a feeling that it was expensive. Of course, TNF is also a symbol of good things in the outdoors. However, the shoes of THE NORTH FACE changed my opinion. Slightly browsing the TNF website, MENS FOOTWEAR VIEW page, of the 32 shoes above, only 12 more than 100 knives, the most expensive but also 150 knives, there are 1 is 130 knives, others It is a little more than 100 or 100 points. And this shoe on my feet, its price is $90.




Category: Men's Sports Shoes

Product Name: Cutback

Retail price in the domestic market: RMB 790.

Cutback is a new type of sports shoes that is suitable for mixed runners. It is not clear yet why this shoe is called Cutback, but TNF has always been won by quality. This pair of shoes contains a great deal of knowledge. TNF was involved in the design and production of hiking shoes in 1999. NTF selected La Sportiva SrL, the world's best mountaineering shoe manufacturer, as its partner.

The upper has an ultra-lightweight design of the Flight SeriesTM. This is specifically designed by RD&D of TNF to be faster and lighter when it comes to ascents and long distances.

The “AgION Anti-microbial Footbed” treatment layer is added to the shoes to prevent the movement of bacteria on the feet. What's more, it also prevents odor changes.

The TNF Trail Grip technology uses a combination of high-friction, non-slip, and wear-resistant rubber materials on the soles of shoes to make Cutback both a non-slip, soft-bottom function and a hardwearing, durable hard-bottom feature.

(Soft Ride)

The use of Soft RideTM makes the sole evenly and softly. Important stress areas, such as the heel and forefoot, have been specifically added to "softeners." The force that is uploaded from the body will be quickly dispersed to various parts of the foot to achieve a soft landing. The uneven ground on the ground will not hurt the soles of the feet.

(Roll Control)

When striding fast, Roll Control provides maximum support for the foot. This technique is specifically designed to promote efficient strides.


The most important thing about this pair of shoes is the use of X-2? Cushioning cushioning technology. An X-2 cushion cushion is added inside the heel to enhance the shock absorption function; and an air cushion layer is also added in the middle to make use of the fluidity of the void to minimize the impact force on the human body.

Let us look at its structure again.


The upper is made of leather and breathable mesh fabric for breathable comfort. Highly breathable, abrasion-resistant mesh fibers, highly inhalable air filter upper.

With the Multifit? lacing shoelace system, the foot can be firmly wrapped in the shoe, making adjustment easy and effortless, even if worn for a long time. The heel and toe parts are covered with anti-abrasive material to increase the service life. Highly breathable tongue, breathable and comfortable.

There is a skirt between the tongue and the upper that prevents foreign objects from entering the shoe. There are four fluorescent-covered skins on the upper that can be easily seen at night.


NTF's own combination sole, anti-abrasive. The TNF Trail Grip technology is used, with anti-slip and anti-wear properties. Bonded with the upper. There are prominent anti-collision protection parts before and after. There is AgION antimicrobial lining inside. Add foam rubber to the forefoot to cushion it. The heel has no special treatment. Advanced technology such as Soft RideTM, Roll Control, X-2TM Cushioning is used to protect the feet and is suitable for outdoor cross-country activities.

NORTHOTIC®, an ergonomic insole, also has a long rhombus in the middle. Multi-layered structure, made of foamed rubber, with anti-pressure rubber in the forefoot and heel.


Less than 500g. This is the result of the ultra light weight design using the Flight SeriesTM. Wearing a pair of hiking shoes, wearing this, almost can not feel its weight.

I walked through many places and distances with this pair of shoes. The greatest feeling was that I was light and comfortable and I didn't feel anything wrong with it. Can this be described as "impeccable"? The important thing is that he really doesn't stink. Didn't sweat the foot? I think this is because it's super breathability plays a key role, and of course it may be related to the "AgION Anti-microbial Footbed."

In general, Cutback is strong, lightweight, antibacterial and super breathable. If you are hiking, this pair of shoes is a good choice.

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