The price of led flat light

With the continuous progress of society, people's aesthetic consciousness is also constantly improving, and they pay special attention to household decoration products. Led panel lights are more and more used in daily life. I believe everyone will be familiar with led panel lights. LED panel lights have energy saving, high brightness, no mercury, no ultraviolet rays, no infrared rays, no heat effect, no There are many advantages such as electromagnetic interference, no stroboscopic phenomenon, no radiation, light weight and easy installation. Due to the increasing demand for led flat panel lights in the market, the brand of led flat panel lights is also increasing, so which brands of led flat panel lights are better? What is the price of led flat light ? Let's take a look at the related knowledge about the price , brand and purchase of led flat lamp together!

led panel light-introduction

The led flat lamp has a longer service life, will not be interfered by radio and has the characteristics of environmental protection and no pollution. Led flat panel light adopts liquid crystal backlight technology and high-efficiency led chips. The unique heat dissipation design of the led flat panel light ensures to a large extent that the led flat panel light has high efficiency, long life and low light attenuation. The led flat lamp has a smooth and smooth surface during use. It also has high power efficiency, short start-up time, no flashing, light weight, easy installation, environmental protection, safety, no pollution, stable performance, and maintenance rate. Low, versatile and many other advantages.

Application range of led panel light

Hotels, conference rooms, factories or offices, commercial use, residential or public facilities, schools, hospitals need energy-saving and high color rendering index lighting.

led flat light brand-NVC

With the increasing demand for led flat panel lights in the market, the brand of led flat panel lights is also increasing. NVC in the led flat panel brand is a well-known brand under Huizhou NVC Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. The company is a professional engaged in lighting Manufacturing and R & D enterprise of electrical appliances and electrical devices. After years of unremitting efforts and development, the brand has a solid economic foundation and a perfect quality management system. With excellent product quality and perfect service, it has won recognition and praise from customers and has been in a leading position in the development of the industry.

Led panel light brand-op

Because of its superior performance, led flat panel lights are widely used in daily life, which has led to an increasing number of led flat panel light brands. Which brands are better? I believe most people seem to have no way to deal with this problem. Op Lighting, a brand of led panel lights, is a well-known brand under Zhongshan Op Lighting Co., Ltd. Founded in 1996, the company is an innovative and fast-developing enterprise. The company attaches importance to scientific research, technical development, quality supervision, talent development. Op lighting products cover many fields such as home furnishing, electrical engineering, commercial lighting, light source and so on. It is a comprehensive lighting enterprise integrating R & D, production, design and sales.

Led panel light brand-yaming lighting

There are many LED flat lamp brands on the market, so what are the better LED flat lamp brands? Yaming Lighting is a well-known brand of Shanghai Yaming Feiya Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd. among the led flat lamp brands. Yaming Lighting has more than 270 distributors across the country with annual sales of 1.6 billion. It is a professional Electric light source products, lamps, lighting appliances, enterprises that undertake flood lighting projects. The company's light source equipment and lamp equipment are widely used in many fields such as factories, warehouses, docks, commercial buildings, airport stadiums and so on.

How to buy led flat light

Compared with other lightings, led flat lights have very outstanding advantages: ultra-thin, ultra-bright, ultra-energy-saving, ultra-long life, ultra-easy and worry-free! Green. However, the quality of LED panel lights varies greatly, and consumers do not know how to choose?

In view of the vicious competition in the market price of flat panel lamps, a large number of unqualified products are listed (professionals call it (inferior goods, poor goods, bad goods), which has violated the real value of LED energy saving, long life, environmental protection, etc. The significance of technology applied to the field of integrated ceilings has seriously affected the healthy development of integrated ceiling LED panel lights. As a manufacturer of LED panel lights, it is this responsibility to introduce and explain to you how to choose LED panel lights or identify the quality of LED panel lights :

First, look at the overall "power factor of lighting": low power factor means that the driving power supply and circuit design used are not good, which will greatly reduce the service life of the lighting! The power factor is low, and the life of the lighting will not be long if you use the best lamp beads. . The power factor is high and low, you can use the "power factor meter" to detect it! General export LED flat lamp power factor requirements reach 0.85 or more. If the power factor is lower than 0.5, it should be said that the unqualified product or garbage product not only has a short life, but also the actual power consumption is about twice higher than the nominal, that is, compared with ordinary energy-saving lamps, it does not save electricity at all! , This is why LED flat panel lights need to be equipped with high-quality, high-efficiency driving power! Consumers who do not have a "power factor meter" to detect the power factor of LED lighting, there is another way to use the "ammeter" to detect two For similar products with the same nominal power, the larger the current and the larger the current harmonics, the greater the actual power consumption and the less power saving! At the same time, the current is unstable, which is detrimental to the life of the lamp beads and the life of the overall lighting!

Second, look at "Lighting heat dissipation conditions-materials, structure": LED lighting heat dissipation is also very important, the same power factor lighting and the same quality lamp beads, if the heat dissipation conditions are not good, the lamp beads work at high temperature, light decay will Very large, the life of lighting will be reduced. The heat dissipation materials used are mainly copper, aluminum, and PC. The thermal conductivity of copper is better than aluminum, and the thermal conductivity of aluminum is better than that of PC. At present, the radiator material generally uses aluminum most, the best are aluminum inserts, car aluminum (aluminum profiles, Extruded aluminum) Next, the worst is cast aluminum, the aluminum insert has the best heat dissipation effect!

3. Look at "lamp bead quality": The quality of the lamp bead depends on the chip quality and packaging technology.

The chip quality determines the brightness and decay of the lamp beads. A good lamp bead is not only bright and high, but also has little light decay.

Fourth, look at the driving power used by the lighting. The service life of the power supply is much shorter than that of other parts of the lighting. The life of the power supply affects the overall life of the lighting. The service life is between 0.2 and 30,000 hours. The design and material selection of the power supply will determine the service life of the power supply. The power drive of aluminum alloy is better than that of engineering plastic. First, it has better heat dissipation. Second, it can effectively protect the parts inside from being crushed and loosened during transportation and use, and reduce the failure rate of power drive.

Fifth, look at the light effect: the same lamp bead power, the higher the light effect, the higher the brightness, the same lighting brightness, the smaller the power consumption, the more energy-saving.

Six, looking at the power supply efficiency, the higher the power supply efficiency, the better, the higher the power consumption of the power supply itself, the greater the output power.

Seven, China's LED lighting safety standards have been introduced, please choose LED lighting according to the national safety standards. Pathfinder Lighting LED Panel Light has passed CE certification,

LED flat lamp price

Compared with other lighting, led flat lamp has outstanding features such as: ultra-thin, ultra-energy-saving, ultra-bright, ultra-long life, green environmental protection and many other advantages. With the continuous development of social progress and technology, led flat panel lights are widely used in daily life. Due to the different styles, types, brands, and materials of led flat panel lights on the market, the price of led flat panel lights also varies greatly. The price of the lamp is more expensive than ordinary lighting fixtures. The price of some quality flat LED lamps is generally between 200-300 yuan, and the price of brand products will be more expensive.

Editor's summary: The above is the introduction of how long the service life of the LED flat lamp is. I hope it can help friends who have needs in this regard! For more related information, please continue to follow our website, and more exciting content will be presented in the future. You can also go to Qijia Mall to buy more products you like!

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