What is the air freshener you know?

Air fresheners are the most common method for purifying indoor air environment and improving air quality. Due to its simple use and low price, air fresheners have become the first choice for many friends to purify indoor air.

Feeling odor, the person's nose will be uncomfortable and pass this feeling to the brain center. The fastest way to eliminate odors is to use an air freshener. What is an air freshener? Let us introduce you to the air freshener.

The air freshener is composed of ingredients such as ethanol, essence, deionized water, etc., and dispels the odor by dispersing the fragrance, thereby reducing the feeling of discomfort to the odor.

The main substances of air fresheners are:

1. Deodorant and deodorant. In addition to propellants and compressive gases, air fresheners in closed tanks generally contain substances that chemically react with sulfur compounds, ammonia, amines, and formaldehyde, such as ferrous sulfate.

2, fresheners, fresheners. Mostly polyols, peppermint oil, flavors and other substances. Spraying the above air freshener into the air can deodorize and deodorize, and add substances such as polyols, peppermint oil and flavors to enhance the feeling of fresh air.

Tips: For the purchase of air fresheners, please look for large businesses, well-known brands, because the use of fragrance is safer, the harm to the human body is minimized. Some people smell the dizziness or discomfort of the fragrance, remember to let the room air circulation, and try to choose water-based products, and the fragrance should be healthy. Some people are allergic to the ingredients of air fresheners and should try them before use, which is safer and safer.

Cosmetics Accessories

In order to make better use of the advantages of cosmetics, we need to use some beauty tools to match them.

A full set of makeup accessories include: makeup brushes (in a du set, including Lip Brush , Blush Brush , eyebrow brush, Eye Shadow Brush, etc.), Mascara , eyeliner, Eyebrow Pencil, Powder Puff, sponge.

Sponge: Mainly used for foundation. Generally there are circles, triangles and cylindrical (conical) shapes. The use of different shapes of sponge base can make the base makeup more detailed.

Powder puff: Mainly used for powdering. Commonly used are round puffs and powder brushes. There are also many size distinctions for round puffs.

Blush brush: There are two kinds of bevel and flat, the top of the bristles is semi-circular; the bevel is suitable for the modification of the T-shaped part and the cheekbone part, also called the facial contour brush;

Eyebrow brushes: Most are hard brushes with oblique heads made of nylon or man-made fibers. It can make the eyebrow color natural and neat.

Eyeshadow brush: A flat round head brush, which can be divided into large, medium and small. The larger one is generally used for applying the base color. It can evenly apply the color at one time to cover the entire eye socket.

Eyeliner: Used to draw eyeliner, can make the outline of the eye more distinct.

Eyelash brush: Some look like a small comb, while others resemble the brush head of mascara, in a spiral shape.

Lip brush: The hair is hard and it is easy to control the brush drop point. Whether you are using Lipstick or Lip Gloss , using a lip brush can help draw detailed lines and modify the shape of your lips.

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