Zhong Yongdao Liu Hua: Spreading the traditional culture of the nation

Traditional culture revitalization promotes Chinese decoration and warms up

“'Zhongyongdao' is actually a brand that the group has been brewing since 2004. It was launched in the Pearl River Delta in 2006. After more than three years of operation, it officially came to Wuhan at the end of 2009. The company is positioned in Chinese decoration and focuses on large-scale luxury homes. High-end owners such as villas, as well as large-scale tooling projects such as hotels and clubs, provide one-stop overall solutions from design and construction to furniture and soft fittings in the later period.” Liu Zong opened the door to introduce the mountain.

“Why do you name the “Zhongyongdao”? We feel that Chinese decoration is based on the traditional Chinese cultural heritage of thousands of years and the inheritance of ancient civilizations. What is the most representative of the essence of China’s thousands of years of civilization? Of course it is the “Zhongyongdao”. Confucianism, that is, the highest level of Chinese culture from ancient times to the country, to the highest level of self-cultivation and Taoism. We hope that in the process of development and service to customers, we can achieve the unity of heaven and man and the firmness of the Chinese people. And tolerate everything."

General Liu pointed out that when he visited the Pearl River Delta in his early years, he discovered that from the late 1990s, when the Chinese national costume industry just rose to around 2006, based on the blind worship of Western economy and culture, most families chose European decoration style, while Chinese decoration. Was once cold. Until recently, when I revisited some home stores, I found that Chinese furniture was put back to the core and the product proportion increased to 50% or more.

“This shows that Chinese furniture is selling well, and Chinese decoration style is rapidly regaining warmth.” Liu Zong analyzed that in recent years, with the rise of China’s economy, Chinese culture has been re-emphasized in the world, and Chinese people’s pride in their traditional culture has also With the return of synchronization, more and more people are beginning to study and love their national culture and traditional lifestyle.

“Especially those elites who have entered the middle-aged stage, have strong economic strength, high cultural connotation, and have experienced the decoration of the first and second suites. They have a special liking for Chinese traditional culture and lifestyle. More to show their personality and identity, but also to find the most suitable lifestyle and living conditions. For such a group of people who grow and live in China, Chinese style is of course the best choice."

Mr. Liu believes that even if the European style is no better, it is "taken" from abroad. Only those who understand Western culture, living in European architecture, can unite heaven and man. Similarly, people living in Chinese-style buildings can only enjoy themselves and understand the Chinese traditional culture.

According to Mr. Liu, the customers who choose Zhongyong Road for decoration are mainly villa owners, with an average single amount of about 1 million. Not only the family income is high, the status of personal status is extraordinary, and the cultural heritage is relatively deep. Recently, several customers signed up. It is a college teacher and researcher who came back from abroad.
"They are eager to return to their original lives and receive foreign friends in a pure Chinese house. It is a wonderful thing for them because they can accept the appreciation and worship of friends from different countries who like Chinese style decoration." Smile notes.

Starting from the spread of traditional culture, creating a truly meaningful Chinese decoration brand

Different from other companies, the promotion war and the price war are different. Zhongyongdao has always insisted on appearing in every exhibition in a clear and elegant manner. Undoubtedly, this is a characteristic card that Liu Hua played against Zhongyongdao's future brand marketing.

“The Zhongyongdao customer base is very different from the general decorative brand customer base. The customer has higher requirements for the quality of the decoration and the service is more customized, especially for the later soft assembly and garden renovation. On the contrary, Not very sensitive to price, the need to guide the Chinese lifestyle and create a living atmosphere far exceeds the average customer."

In order to make this "cultural communication" card better, let more Wuhan citizens understand Chinese traditional culture, truly fall in love with Chinese style and live a pure Chinese life, Liu said that the company is going to participate in the seven exhibitions this year. It will be the main theme of the "National" card, which is a series of theme activities around Guoxue, Guocha, Guozhuang, Guocai, Guoxiang (Qinqi calligraphy and painting, silk, Feng Shui, antiques, etc.).

"Different from the terminal promotion methods of ordinary enterprises, Zhongyong Road will not follow the traditional community promotion route, but the main "circle" route. For example, various chambers of commerce, VIP salons, and targeted high-end people."

“The positioning of Zhongyongdao determines that it can only serve a small number of customers, and it is an elite class that has a special liking for Chinese culture. The company will provide each customer with a well-defined traditional cultural information database through the newly-built enterprise official website. Let the owners from the day of paying attention to the Zhongyongdao brand, they can systematically and conveniently understand the Chinese culture and lifestyle, and make the true meaning of the 'Chinese yard' master.

“In order to serve customers professionally, at present, the Group has not only established a Chinese culture research center, but also in the introduction and reserve of talents, following the guidelines of designers, planning and administrative personnel who have a certain understanding of traditional culture and have certain knowledge. Liu added that in the material supply system, the company will also launch a new Chinese-style home pavilion - Zhongyongtang provides a variety of accessories, in engineering construction, the use of natural wood wax oil instead of chemical paint, with pure Hand-stitching replaces nail drilling and other processes to create a truly natural and healthy home. In addition, in the management of workers, the company will implement the "team system", and strive to provide customers with peace of mind and labor-saving services.

Liu also told reporters that at present, many companies generally have a problem when they undertake Chinese-style decoration projects - the soft-packing service system can't keep up. Customer service is actually only half done because there is no perfect material platform to support it.

“The emergence of Zhongyongtang will provide perfect support for Zhongyongdao's decorative customer system.” Liu Zong, for example, “Now many owners are not sure what kind of paintings and paintings to match each room when they decorate their houses. What kind of choice? The Feng Shui ornaments can make a good house. After the completion of Zhongyongtang, all kinds of experts will enter the market one by one. We believe that similar problems will be solved in the Zhongyong Road."

"To create a Zhongyongdao brand is not a process of quick success and instant benefit. It will start with the dissemination of traditional national culture and be carefully crafted!" Liu told reporters firmly.

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