Evaluation: pure natural non-modified extraordinary Ming Jiafan longan series floor

Extraordinary Mingjia floor

The extraordinary Mingjiafan longan series solid wood flooring is a product that has been recently promoted by Extraordinary Mingjia. The extraordinary Mingjia floor red star Meikailong store will be grandly opened on September 5th. This floor is also marked as a special price down to 98 yuan per square. As a solid wood floor, this price can really attract consumers, but the quality of the product itself has also shrunk accordingly? Xiaobian today chose this special dragon eye for a detailed introduction.

Extraordinary Mingjia floor evaluation

The size of this extraordinary Mingjia longan series of solid wood flooring is 510*122 (mm), which is shorter than the average solid wood floor. Many netizens think that the short board is made of scraps, but it is not. Relatively short, this extraordinary Mingjia longan solid wood floor has an advantage in terms of expansion coefficient and safety factor. And the relatively small area is also conducive to other aspects of maintenance and maintenance in the future.

As the ground plate of this evaluation, the longan has the characteristics of good stability and moderate air dry density. As a general solid wood flooring material, the demand is large, so its supply is relatively stable, which has become a wonderful work in solid wood flooring. However, the longan also has its great weakness. The material is soft and easy to deform, which makes the use of the dragon eye greatly reduced.

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