Japan develops fast-food packaging

Japan develops a fast-food package that can prevent water vapor from soaking food. The packaging material is composed of polypropylene film, polyethylene film, paper, and aluminum foil. When heated, the water vapor condenses on the surface of the film and is absorbed by the paper to avoid the purpose of soaking the food and to maintain the prototype and original flavor of the food.

Our factory has produced diet Dry Dog Food for more than 15 years, there has following series: Mr.Pet series, Paipai series, Golden paipai series, LONSON series, New LONSON series. Mr. pet is economic class, Paipai is low-end class, Golden paipai is Middle-end class, New LONSON series is high-end class. Our products passed the HACCP, BRC and ISO certification ,also reached the US and European export standards .Our company mainly engaged in pet dry food, pet snacks, canned food, pet supplies and other products, the products are exported to America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries.

Especially add astaxanthin dog food

Function Dog Food

Functional Dog Food,Low Sodium Dog Food,Low Salt Dog Food,Low Sodium Canned Dog Food

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