Certification training is the most valuable investment

With the continuous development of China's publishing and printing industry, the continuous improvement of the quality and speed of news publications through electronic collection and typesetting technology has become the consensus of the whole society; at the same time, it also raises the quality and special ability of related practitioners to higher and more specific The request. In order to actively cooperate with the development of the publishing and printing industry, and comprehensively improve the professional skills and professional quality of employees, in accordance with the spirit of relevant national documents, actively establish professional standards in the publishing and printing industry and vigorously promote the technical qualification training of employees, has become the era proposed. New requirements. To this end, Peking University Founder Electronics Co., Ltd., whose electronic publishing system accounts for more than 90% of the global Chinese publishing market share, will gradually launch a product certification system in recent years in order to meet the qualifications of the publishing and printing industry. Typographer "certification", "acquisition junior engineer" certification, "certification intermediate engineer" certification, "certified senior engineer" certification, and has been fully launched in the country.

Recently, the first session of the certification training course for managers of editing and editing systems organized jointly by Peking University Founder Training Center and People's Daily was widely acclaimed by the participating units and personnel, which proved the timelyness and effectiveness of the certification system of Peking University Founder. The students who participated in the study included the technical personnel of the newspaper editing and editing system. Through in-depth study and discussion on the management of WIN2000, SQL Server, and electronic editing and editing systems, it was generally felt that participating in learning and training was very rewarding, regardless of the development of the latest computer tracking technology and systematically grasping the editing and editing network. The management has been greatly improved; at the same time, the relevant qualification certificates have been obtained, so that the ability of the participating personnel has been recognized and the professional status has been strengthened.

Employees participating in the training of information technology skills certification are a major change in the professional training of publishing and printing systems. The publishing and printing industry is one of the fastest growing high-tech fields in information technology. Not only are hardware devices updated quickly, but software technology is also changing rapidly. For modern enterprises and institutions, it is an urgent requirement for staff to grasp the latest information technology as quickly as possible and quickly improve their core competitiveness. How to achieve this goal in the short term, and participate in professional certification training is one of the most important ways. The development of modern information technology has fundamentally changed management thinking, management methods, management methods, and management models. Development depends on innovation, innovation depends on science and technology, technology depends on talent, and talent needs training. This new concept has become increasingly popular. In the past, the master’s approach to educating disciples and apprenticeships and the methods used to rank seniors delayed the growth of many talented people and was far from meeting the needs of the development of the information age. This was not only detrimental to the cultivation of talents, but also severely restricted the pace of enterprise development. Therefore, actively investing in information technology certification training is a major change in the printing and publishing industry to speed up personnel training.

Certification training is a new driving force for business development. However, some managers mistakenly believe that "training is a dispensable thing. For so many years, the company has not conducted certification training and it still operates as usual." This concept is an expression of quick success and short-sightedness. Since China's accession to the WTO, the domestic market has become internationalized, market competition has become increasingly fierce, and the talent problem has become more prominent. Enterprises that do not pay attention to personnel training do not say that they are bigger and stronger, and that they are eliminated by the market sooner or later. Only in the process of building a learning-oriented enterprise and nurturing a learning-type employee can the company continue to improve employee certification training and continuously improve the quality of the company and its employees.

Practice has proved that certification training is one of the most valuable investments. High-quality certification training is an investment with a high rate of return. This has been proven by many successful companies at home and abroad. In the past few years, many advanced equipment functions introduced by many companies have not been fully developed and the benefits cannot be fully realized. This is undeniable. However, training alone will not determine the effectiveness of the training without certification, and it will not be possible to measure the technical level of each participating employee. This will often cause incidents to occur and cause huge losses to employers. The certification training jointly conducted by Beijing University Founder and People’s Daily provided the newspapers with a reference for evaluating talents. From the perspective of human resources, the certification certificate is an important signing document that reflects the certification personnel’s The technical level also strengthens the skill awareness of the certified personnel. This is very valuable to both companies and employees. The professional certification system of the printing industry in Europe and the United States is now relatively complete, and the certification of the publishing and printing industry in China is still in its infancy. The certification system launched by Founder just makes up for the blank of the certification training for the publishing and printing industry. The comprehensive launch of the editorial and typographic certification system launched by Peking University Founder will play a positive role in promoting the development of China's press, publishing and printing industry.

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