Seven lip exfoliation methods for lip care

Dry weather makes many people have the habit of licking their lips, which will make the lips dry and dry, causing the lips to dry and peel. So how do you care for the lips? Xiaobian brought you seven lip exfoliation methods to remove the extra keratin to better care for delicate lips.
Lip exfoliation lip care lip dry peeling
Lip exfoliation method:
1: If you have a humidifier, you can use a humidifier to steam the lips for a while. When the dry skin is completely softened, gently rub your lips. The excess dead skin will fall. If there is no humidifier, you can pour a cup. Hot water, moisturizing the lips with hot water, is also a good way.
2: Make a paste with sugar-free milk powder and mineral water, apply a thick layer on the lips, cover with plastic wrap for 5 minutes, then wash, you will find that the lips are moisturized a lot, the lips are dead. The skin will also accelerate to fall off.
3: Use a cotton gauze to dip the olive oil in the clockwise circle and massage for one minute, so that the lips are moisturized while exfoliating.
4: Wash your toothbrush in the morning when brushing your teeth, gently brush a few times on the lips, which can also take away excess keratin.
5: Oatmeal grind and add a little milk and honey to stir, then apply with plastic wrap for 10 minutes, the effect is also good, but children's shoes do not eat because of the taste is too good.
6: The most common white sugar is also a good helper to remove excess keratin from the lips. Apply the lips with a hot towel for 3 minutes, then gently rub the sugar on the lips until the sugar is completely dissolved. After removing it, apply lip balm. .
7: Mix vitamin E, fine salt and honey. Gently wipe the dry area of ​​the lips with a cotton swab for about 5 minutes, then wash with warm water and apply lip balm.

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