Learn Korean actress single eyelid big eye makeup

If you want a sweet and fresh single eyelid big eye makeup, then you can refer to the actress Bai Zhenxi (pictured right) and Park Baoying (pictured left). Even if the eyes don't draw a thick eyeliner, it is a god. Today, I will teach Pu Baoying a single eyelid big eye makeup. law.
Single eyelid big eye makeup big eye makeup painting Park Baoying single eyelid big eye makeup
Single eyelid big eye makeup method:
1. First, apply dark brown eye shadow to the eye socket. Remember to use a brush to apply eye shadow instead of eye shadow stick.
2. Then use a brown eyeliner to draw a curved line at 0.1CM from the eyelid.
3, after using a cotton swab, the newly painted brown lines from the end of the eye to the eye to do the smudge.
4, use this gap to use the eye shadow pen, with silver white eyeshadow and to fill, it is recommended to choose a smooth eye shadow pen, this is better to get started.
5, look, this big eye makeup is finished, double eyelids come out ~~
6. Finally, draw a light brown eyeliner on the manufactured double eyelids, then apply mascara on it, and the eye makeup will be finished! !
瞧~Does double eyelids be natural? Very sweet double eyelids! !
It takes only a few simple steps to complete the big eye makeup, and the single eyelid girl quickly learns~~

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