Hollywood effects team 3D printing simulation model for preoperative preparation

The Fractured FX team is a company known for making realistic Hollywood movie models. Recently, with their fiery 3D printing technology , they have further developed their expertise – they have created a number of special effects simulation models for surgical preparation for Boston Children's Hospital.

In the beginning, the two sides discussed the creation of realistic pediatric models to help with the delicate surgery of infants and children. The Fractured FX team is very handy because it has used 3D printing to create a bloody simulation model for movies such as American Horror Story. So soon, they successfully completed 2 models. “Many of us have medical aspirations and have started working with orthopaedics to help improve the art of restoration,” said Justin Raleigh, CEO of Fractured FX. “We want to use our expertise in special effects to help people. ."

One of these models corresponds to the position of the neck and upper chest to help with heart and lung surgery. Its interior contains many human structures, including blood vessels, vagus nerves, and simulated skin, giving the operator a very real feel. Another model was created to help prepare for the “endoscopic third ventriculostomy” (ETV). The effect of this surgery is to remove tumors and excess water from the brain.

However, in order to meet the hospital's needs, Fractured FX must go beyond these projects. "We have to come up with new technologies to develop the elements you can see in surgery, some of the models we have never made for movies before," Raleigh said. Therefore, in order to achieve this goal, the team not only carefully painted the design drawings, but also consulted many professional questions from medical experts. After many trials, they finally made a simulation model that was very close in appearance and function to the real human structure. These models have now been embedded in bone replicas and are ready for surgical use.

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