Large space storage furniture bedroom closet to make full use of clothing space

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] want to improve the maximum utilization of space, storage options should be based on space, do a good classification and storage, which is convenient and saves trouble. Today, China Wardrobe Network recommends storage furniture in different spaces. The wardrobe design of the bedroom can not only be classified and stored, but also convenient and easy.

Storage - wardrobe

Home storage

Bedroom flat door wardrobe picture

Swing door design, rich wardrobe level, natural texture color of walnut, natural simplicity, corner decorative cabinet function is practical. Its side-by-side design improves the maximum utilization of space, and the space is sufficient for both sorting and storage, and it is convenient and easy.

Storage - bookcase

Bedroom wardrobe design

Simple solid wood embedded bookcase picture

The small-sized study room is very compact. Without the storage of the bookcase, the room will look messy. The narrow corner of the study room can be used to completely use the entire wall, and the storage of books will be much simpler. Even large ones should be well received. The wood-colored space, three rows of embedded bookcases, are neatly placed in a wall of the living room, making the space elegant and refreshing, and the planning skills of the storage can be seen.

Smoking And Cooking Solutions

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smoking solution for meat processing

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