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Are flashlights or headlights often used outdoors? This question has always been asked to join the outdoors. The functions of the two are the same but the use environment can be subdivided into very knowledgeable, and the use of flashlight as the most common and basic lighting tool for outdoor use has always been one of the necessary tools for my outdoor activities. Not only is it used outdoors in some urban adventures or daily life, it is also widely used.

Fenix ​​is ​​not unfamiliar with this brand. In the domestic outdoor lighting, it can be said that the weight is very heavy. It is one of the major brands that can compete with foreign lighting brands. Most of the products that were purchased and used before were headlamps. This time, the opportunity to get this flashlight test is also very much anticipated! Although the flashlight has been in hand for some time, it has not been busy writing evaluations and is trying to realize the functions of this flashlight in more activities.

For Fenix ​​Phoenix E25 this flashlight, the biggest impression is to introduce the combination of conventional lumens 300 and the highest lumens 900, this area of ​​flashlight lumens for outdoor use is already able to cope with most of the environment.

In his hands, this flashlight first gives a feeling of being small, about 16 centimeters in length and 2.5 centimeters in diameter. The length is modest, although it may be a bit of a sensation for me, but it's small, easy to carry and use.

Anti-slip handles at the handle are very low-key and very practical. The overall details are in place.

The lamp heads are sleek and not as prominent as some outdoor flashlights.

The lanyard behind the handle, the temperature of the lamp and the lamp bead process are also very hard. In fact, a good product is a detail chapter.

When you look at the description, it really hurts people. There is no Chinese! ! ! Fortunately, some regular data symbols can be read. Some deviations from the previously mentioned data are 300 lumens and 350 lumens. The highest 900 lumens has become 1000 lumens. The farthest effective radiation distance is 200 meters.

The safety protection level reaches IPX-8, it can be used 2 meters underwater and the drop distance is one meter. This level of protection is also more than enough to deal with basic outdoor activities.

The biggest bright spot that I personally think of may be the versatility of the power supply. The E25UE flashlight can use No. 5 AA batteries. The 5th battery is mostly used for family life. The generality is of course higher than that of professional 18650 lithium batteries. It is not only easy to replace, but also cost and price are a lot lower.

The lighting switch is down in the lamp base. There are two parallel buttons. The trigger button is on. Press and hold for about 2 seconds to turn off. Below is the 4 stalls of conventional lighting, gradually from low-grade, mid-range, high-end to high-end, cycle selection. It is convenient for users to change different lighting modes according to the environment. The highlights of the 3rd gear in the 4th gear and the highlight of the 4th gear didn't feel too obvious in use (Is it necessary to change the 14500 battery to reflect the highlighted change!?). There is also a use of experience - E25UE has a certain lighting memory function. The explanation is that if you switch off at a high level, turn it on again and go directly to the top level. This detail processing is still quite humane!

The top key switch is flash mode and SOS for help. The two buttons will often use different lighting needs and special lighting to distinguish, but also a good detail. The flash mode doesn't need to be introduced. It just keeps flashing and my eyes are very uncomfortable. It is suitable for emergency use. SOS for help is universal 3 short 3 long 3 short.

The design of the design tips is also very good, that is, feel the key switch does not have a anti-trigger design, inadvertently open the flashlight switch. There are so many flashlights in the package that are squeezed by other items to turn the switch on, and the flashlight is turned on again when the package is opened. This is a little helpless. You can only loosen the back cover of the battery when you pack it each time to prevent the battery from being consumed when you accidentally put it in the bag.

For testing, I can only choose to personally experiment with actual outdoor adventure activities.

The first time the hole was brought in, it was just a cave where the twists and turns had to crawl, and the team members also had a flashlight. Due to the bigger size, it was a bit inconvenient when drilling, and the Phoenix E25 flashlight was small enough to basically Ignoring the state, although it can't compete with the "big head" in lighting brightness, it is really suitable to take wherever we go in various environments. And the weight is also entirely proportional. Lightweight, light weight, and sometimes an advantage for outdoor use.

The lighting of this Phoenix E25 flashlight is not very concentrated, so the lighting area is relatively large and looks relatively soft, if transferred to highlight mode is also very dazzling feeling.

In the second hole, the lanyard with a flashlight is still very convenient for use in the cave. As there was more rainfall at the front end, a small pool of water was deposited in the cave, and the protective effect of the lower flashlight was directly tested. The new team members of the same team felt very curious about the opponent's electric energy discharge, thinking that all the flashlights were waterproof and not Hesitating to put his flashlight into the water, only to see a blisters emerge from the water, directly scrapped the new flashlight.

Although it is used often in daily life, it is particularly satisfactory for small size and lighting that are not particularly focused. When he was brought into the hole for the third time, he not only used the handlebars as a function of the lighting road, but also served as a photo-filling light tool. Although lighting brightness is not an experience, practical lighting effects are still satisfactory.

Many outdoor dark environments require various lighting tools (headlights, flashlights, camp lights, etc.). The Fenix ​​E25UE's compact size, light weight, and universal power options make it suitable for many outdoor environments.

For this test, share some of the personal understanding of the Phoenix E25:


1. Fine workmanship, attention to detail. Each lighting stall is designed to meet the needs of different environments.

2. Small size, light weight, convenient storage. Going out carrying will not have too much burden.

3. The power supply has a good universality, small power source and high power. The power supply that can be bought by any basic store can be replaced at any time.


The choice of 4-speed brightness is not significantly different in the last two gears. It should be the reason for using a 14500 battery. If this is the case, when using an ordinary 5th battery, it can be completely discarded to the last gear, to the third gear, or to the brightness. Under the subdivision difference.

Although there are some deficiencies, for an affordable flashlight, it is already very difficult to achieve such a situation, and it will not be compared with the thousands of flashlights. After testing, we are still looking forward to the Fenix ​​brand's expectations and trust! We also hope that Fenix ​​will continue to improve its products and will provide more reliable services to those who love the outdoors.

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