Construction methods for construction of shot throw, discus and hammer throwing circle

The shot angle of the shot zone is 40. The fan shape is 20~25cm long, and the fan-shaped opening angle of the discus and the link zone is changed from 34.92 in 2004~2005. The fan length is 80m for the discus area, and the hammer area is shown in Figure 1.


Figure 1 Put shot area shot

The shot put area is based on the site axis and extends from O to O2. The distance is from O2 to E. The instrument is placed at E, and it is 90 from the vertical. Direction, the distance from E to E1, then E1 is the center of the shot throw zone, and the opposite direction is E2 of another shot zone, which is the center position of the other shot and the center of the circle.

The circle is used as the control point for the throwing circle, and the radius of the throwing circle is increased by 5 cm to draw a circle. As the edge of the groove, the bottom layer is trimmed after excavation to the design elevation, and then three trimmers are embedded within 3 cm of the throwing circle, each separated by 120 . See Figure II.


Figure 2 Spinner layout

1—spinner; 2—throw rim; 3—screws

The trimmer is made of steel, round steel with a diameter of 20mm and a length of 500mm. It has a turnbuckle on one side and a pointed shape on the other side. The method of nailing into the ground is to put three screw caps on the turnbuckle end, and the last To empty two buckles, hit the ground with a hammer, the steel screw caps exit, and then install fine-tuning screws and fine-tune the platform.

The throwing ring is made by welding steel strips and stiffened ribs. Firstly, the throwing ring is placed on the fine adjustment platform. The height is adjusted by the level gauge. The top height of the steel ring is equal to the height. After the measurement is correct, the ribs are reinforced in the steel ring. One side is nailed into four steel piles on average, and the steel rings are welded firmly by means of electric welding. At the same time, four cement concrete blocks are placed under the steel ring and firmly fastened.

Before pouring cement concrete, three leaking pipes should be buried to fill cement concrete in the throwing circle. The International Federation of Athletics Associations requires that the cement concrete be marked with a compressive strength of 250 kPa/cm2, and that every 1 m3 of concrete should have the following characteristics: the cement content is 300 kg, The amount of water used was 135L. The coarse and fine aggregate content was 1865 kg, the maximum aggregate particle size was 32 mm, and the weight per 1 m3 of cement concrete was 2300 kg. After the construction of the concrete is poured, it is necessary to use mechanical compaction. The surface of the concrete is modified to be a smooth, non-smooth surface. During construction, it is not allowed to collide with steel rings and reinforcing ribs. After pouring concrete, it is necessary to maintain, prevent wind, sun, rain and other surface cracks, hollowing, peeling and other phenomena.

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