Star demonstration lipstick color choice

Star demonstration lipstick color choice

Lipsticks and high heels are a symbol of femininity, and a secret weapon that allows you to instantly improve your looks. Positive red sexy sister, orange red passionate live wave... However, after this 90th, we must stand on the sidelines, the age of 95 after the trend, this summer has already been the world of pink lipstick.

Do not think that pink is exclusive to "stupid white sweet", pink is so much choice... Ghost Horse Elf OR Romanticism? First look at the color of the lipstick from the star to see her character!

Miranda Kerr

Best lip color: Lancome obsessive silk satin lipstick #361M

Keywords: lucky powder, Aries, love

"Sweet sister" Miranda Kerr can hold almost all the lipstick color, but it is not difficult to find out that the most favorite color in her daily street shooting is this cherry powder.

Adding a little personality to the sweetness makes people look more energetic and enthusiastic, very much in line with the Aries character born on April 20th by Miranda Kerr.

Lancome is obsessed with the #361M color of silk satin lipstick. It also has a color called Lucky Powder. The positive energy emitted is easy to attract people around you. No wonder the 32-year-old Miranda Kerr still attracts 25-year-old Snapchat co-founder Evan Spiegel after leaving Orlando Bloom. The ability of small fresh meat is great!

Star Demonstration: Rihanna

Best lip color: Lancome obsessive silk satin lipstick #185N

Keywords: singular charm, Pisces, capricious, innocent

Don't be tempted by the shape of Rihanna. In fact, the appearance of the publicity is gentle and temperament. The most loved rose-like red-pink lipstick is actually a cover for the fragile heart.

Lancome fascinating silk satin lipstick #185N color is the most representative of the romantic and imaginative Pisces Rihanna. Regardless of whether she is recognized as the "international fashion vane" fashion, you can admit that she does have a strange charm that is hard to resist.

Taylor Swift

Best lip color: Lancome obsessive silk satin lipstick #343B

Keywords: romantic, Sagittarius, childish

As an American high-spirited female singer, in addition to the clear and charming voice, excellent songwriting talent, the most interesting thing should be her amazing love history. Don't blame her for her heart. I blame Taylor Swift for being too good. It's a "fashionable, childish" Sagittarius.

Just like the romantic lipstick she used to go out on the street, “excellent and conspicuous” conveys the character of open-minded, optimistic, and disgusting!

Emma Roberts

Best Lip Color: Lancome Fascination Silk Satin Lipstick #159B

Keywords: Ghost Horse Elf, Aquarius,

As one of Hollywood's four little flowers, Emma Roberts has shaped many fresh girls next door on the big screen. But Aquara's Emma Roberts's private dress is sometimes "stupid and sweet" and sometimes "cold and bright." The appearance of indifference and enthusiasm in an alternating pattern is elusive.

The appearance of the ghost horse elf is tempting like a peach, just like Lancome's obsessive silk satin lipstick #159B color lipstick, which has both the freshness of the girl and the femininity of the woman.

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