How about Langzhihua shower room

Now more and more shower rooms are installed in the bathroom space, and the selling price of the shower room also ranges from thousand yuan to tens of thousands per square meter. For most ordinary working families, the price of the shower room is the key. Shanghai Langzhihua shower room has entered the shower room market with its high cost performance, and it is loved by the majority of middle-income families. How about Langzhihua shower room, the price of Langzhihua shower room, and the value of Langzhihua shower room are not worth buying , Please follow the editor to read the following text.

How about Langzhihua shower room? Langzhihua shower room brand introduction

Langzhihua shower room is the flagship product of Shanghai Langhua Industrial Co., Ltd. Langhua Industrial Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise engaged in the design, development, production, sales and service of bathroom series products. The company focuses on the development of new products And research and development, since 2000, the company has developed, produced and sold a series of shower room products, using advanced production technology and high-quality imported materials, to produce a variety of specifications, varieties of high-grade shower room products.

Langzhihua shower room mainly has 8mm and 10mm frameless door opening, plane door opening, diamond door opening, corner door opening, sliding door, stainless steel, aluminum alloy frame material, can be customized according to customer requirements; by the national security department CCC certification The tempered glass is used as a panel to ensure the quality and safety of the product. The hardware accessories are made of reinforced pure stainless steel series. Langzhihua insists on using the best materials, doing the safest treatment, and the most intimate design and services, so that every family can have a safest and most trusted bathing environment.

Is Langzhihua shower room expensive? Langzhihua shower room price

Langzhihua shower room takes root in the Shanghai market and radiates the Yangtze River Delta. In the pricing of products, the consumption capacity of middle-income families is more taken into consideration. In addition to the excellent product quality, the low price of 500-1500 / set is also a major factor that attracts consumers. , The following is the price list of Langzhihua shower room:

Product name shape reference price Langhua shower room crown type 5703 diamond type 1099.00 yuan / set Langhua shower room gold crown 5602 type straight line 799.00 yuan / set Langhua shower room Jinlong 5806 arc fan type 11199.00 yuan / set Langhua shower room Jinlong Type 5809 one-line figure 1188.00 yuan / set of Langhua shower room crown Type 5708 diamond type 1358.00 yuan / set Langhua shower room crown 5570 type diamond type 1280.00 yuan / set of Langhua shower room gold crown 5608 type one-line font 560.00 yuan / square wave shower Room crown type 5706 L-type 480.00 yuan / sq. Langhua shower room gold crown type 9100 diamond type 580.00 yuan / sq.

Langzhihua shower room is in the online store of, enter You can browse more product information of the brand in the store and observe user reviews There is an answer to everything you want to know about the wave shower room and the price of the wave shower room.

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