Home business listing revenue increased by less than 10%

Recently, the annual report of listed companies in the home furnishing industry has been released one after another. This newspaper has compiled some enterprise annual reports and found that in 2012, the operating income of major listed companies in the home furnishing industry was less than 10% higher than the same period in 2011, and furniture companies appeared inside the industry. The average value is better than that of building materials companies. In this regard, the industry generally believes that last year was the most difficult year for the industry, and the situation will improve this year.

The average increase in revenue during the same period was less than 10%

At the end of March and early April, the annual reports of several listed companies in the home furnishing industry were announced in 2012. It can be seen from the current statistical annual report that the household enterprises in 2012 have risen and fallen compared with the previous year, and the average growth rate of operating income during the same period is only 5.5%, even 10%. “Last year was a very disappointing year,” said Guo Libing, deputy secretary-general of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce.

China Building Materials Circulation Association recently released data showing that the national sales of home building materials above designated size in 2012 was 1,246.7 billion yuan, down 2.46% year-on-year. Despite this, Qin Zhanxue, executive vice president and secretary general of China Building Materials Circulation Association, believes that the so-called Yiye Zhiqiu, listed companies in the household industry are mainly production enterprises, closely related to the upstream real estate industry, and the trend of real estate directly affects their trend. .

Wang Zhiming, general manager of Del Flooring Beijing Co., Ltd. also said that last year was the hardest. "Several peers are together and they are bitter. The price of nature flooring in Hong Kong is more than one Hong Kong dollar. It may not be normal from the capital market."

Guo Libing believes that listed companies, as relatively good companies in the industry, have their own brand advantages, so their share does not fully represent the growth share of the entire industry. In fact, in addition to these listed companies, many companies can only survive, and the promotion of individual companies may also take advantage of multiple marketing methods to take a larger share, so real industry data may be even lower, or only Just a little growth.

The average value of building materials is lower than furniture

After carefully analyzing the revenue data of various household enterprises, the reporter found that the growth rate of building materials enterprises is generally lower than that of furniture enterprises. Among the several building materials enterprises, only Beixin Building Materials has seen positive growth, Del Home, Smick Tiles NVC lighting has experienced varying degrees of negative growth.

Not only that, Yihua Wood, the fastest-growing company in the statistics, showed in its annual report that in 2012, the company achieved floor sales revenue of 250 million yuan, an increase of 7.91% over the previous period; and realized furniture sales income of 3.09 billion yuan. Compared with the previous period, it increased by 29.51%. It is not difficult to see the advantages of the furniture industry relative to building materials within the same enterprise.

In this regard, Guo Libing believes that in the process of using household products, the aging of building materials is much slower than that of furniture. Consumers with improved demand are likely to change a new set of furniture, but they do not necessarily replace floors and tiles. The rotation of new and old furniture, whether it is a safe room, a new house or a second-hand house, guarantees the rigid demand for furniture, and also guarantees the base of the furniture in the process of increasing year by year. Qin Zhanxue said that unlike furniture, building materials are directly affected by the state's mechanical and electrical investment and real estate operating rates.

This year may be better than last year

The data shows that the cumulative sales of building materials and home appliances above designated size in January-February 2013 was 141.1 billion yuan, up 7.11% year-on-year. The industry predicts that with the recovery of the real estate market this spring, the boom in the building materials and home furnishing market will rebound rapidly. In the published annual report of the company, the reporter found that for 2013, all listed companies have set new targets. For example, Meike's plan to achieve operating income in 2013 is set at 2.8 billion yuan, up 7.7% from 2012. Xilinmen and Yihua Wood also defined 2013 as the key year for “building a brand” and “fully transforming and upgrading” in the annual report. The key lies in macroeconomic policies. For example, the 18th National Congress proposed to establish a new type of urbanization. Hong Liang, an analyst of the building materials industry in Galaxy Securities, said that in general, the concept of urbanization has greatly boosted market expectations. Qin Zhanxue also said that under the engine of urbanization construction, the home industry will not be worse, and it will surely become better and better with this promotion.

Wang Jianguo, general manager of the Federal Home Beijing Company, believes that market regulation only lags behind demand and has not been abolished. Rigid demand will also find opportunities to break out. Although the signs of recovery in the market in March this year have brought a lot of positive energy to the industry, some building materials companies have expressed their own concerns: the explosive growth in March may have spit out the previously suppressed demand, but it is also possible It is to advance the consumption afterwards. Whether this kind of popularity can continue in April and May is still difficult to say.

Industry sound

Consumers are more convinced of strong companies

Chen Ailing, General Manager of Yihua Home Beijing

In the furniture industry, various uncertain factors bring reshuffle to the market, and also provide opportunities for the development of outstanding enterprises and increase their market share. In terms of feedback from consumers, they will not only pay attention to the brand, but also evaluate the quality, environmental protection and service of specific products. At the same time, they will also choose the strength of the company itself to judge whether the company can fulfill its products. Commitments.

Although there are many channels in which some excellent companies are selected, consumers do not see certain selection criteria, and they do not know how these assessments come. Therefore, I think the industry itself needs to have some more standardized evaluation criteria.

Furniture may become a hotspot for consumption

Liu Jinliang, Vice Chairman and Senior Engineer of China Furniture Association

In the following year, the industry fundamentals are generally good. On the one hand, the market environment has improved. The state has proposed a revenue multiplication plan, carried out people's livelihood projects, and increased the contribution rate of domestic demand to economic growth, which is conducive to the release of consumer consumption potential. On the other hand, the promotion of urbanization construction and the sustained and steady growth of urban residents' income have provided a broad space for domestic sales and a great advantage for promoting the development of the furniture industry. Furniture will become another hotspot after the home appliance.

What the industry needs to do now is to strengthen the adjustment of product structure. Furniture companies must have their own things, enhance the awareness of intellectual property protection, improve the overall quality of enterprises, and improve the quality of personnel in the enterprise workforce. Enterprises must strengthen their own society. Responsibility.

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