Simultaneous determination of common amino acids and inorganic cations by ion chromatography direct conductivity method

In this paper, a cation exchange chromatography-direct conductivity method for the determination of some common amino acids and inorganic cations was established by Metrohm ion chromatograph. In the experiment, 5 kinds of amino acids and 3 kinds of inorganic cations with peaks within 12 minutes were selected for quantitative analysis. The established method was used to determine the amino acids in the monosodium glutamate isoelectric mother liquor. The relative standard deviation (RSDs, n = 5) was not greater than 4.690%; the linear correlation coefficient (R2) of the standard curve was not less than 0.9984; μL injection, S / N = 3) between 0.27 ~ 10.34 mg / L; the results show that the recovery of separated amino acids is between 88.7% ~ 107.2%.

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