Bottle cap companies need to change their thinking for network promotion

For network promotion, it is now very common for many manufacturers. Through the network and traditional exhibition, home and other marketing methods, this new sales model greatly reduces the manufacturers' marketing costs and is very popular with many small and medium enterprises.

However, we found that the popularity of domestic bottle cap manufacturers' network promotion is still low. Many bottle cap companies do not even have websites or display products on the Internet, and even they cannot find contact telephones. This is obviously difficult to meet the current market trend. We believe bottle cap manufacturers tend to be relatively small in size, and many cap manufacturers are even home-based workshops and individual production operations. These small-scale bottle cap workshops and individuals can only meet the needs of the surrounding companies in many cases, and their desire for promotion is not high. In addition, the profits of bottle caps are generally low, and many manufacturers are also struggling with promotion costs.

In fact, we have to advise bottle cap manufacturers, especially small and medium bottle cap manufacturers, that network promotion can be given more opportunities as long as the quality is reasonable and the price is reasonable. Through the Internet, small and medium cap manufacturers will get a chance to compete with large bottle cap companies. At the same time, better results can be obtained at the lowest cost.



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