Flexographic printing is much less than gravure

1. The ink layer is thick and the ink is uniform

The flexo ink layer is thinner than the gravure, but it is definitely thicker than the offset printing. This is very favorable for large area color blocks commonly used in printing and packaging products. Generally speaking, if the situation is unchanged, the ink will be used if the ink is transmitted by the anilox roller. If the situation is the same, then the ink color of the same batch of products or different batches of products can remain the same. This is the most basic requirement for packaging printing, and it is also not easily achieved by the offset printing method.

2. Widely used non-toxic water-based ink printing

Flexo ink is the only non-toxic ink approved by the American Food and Drug Association in all printing inks. As a result, flexographic printing is also known as green printing and is widely used in the packaging of instruments and pharmaceuticals, which is beyond the reach of other printing methods.

3. Wide range of printable media

Flexo printing machines can not only print all kinds of paper, but also can print aluminum foil, plastic film, self-adhesive paper, self-adhesive film, cellophane, metal foil and textiles. The types of printable media are more than gravure printing methods. In addition to the offset printing method, the rest of the media cannot be printed or printed badly.

4. Wide range of product applications

Almost all paper and plastic packaging products can be printed by flexo printing, and the printing effect on plastic film can be comparable to that of gravure printing. In addition to packaging products, newspapers, books, magazines, and other products can also be printed.

5. Strong comprehensive equipment processing ability

Almost all narrow-width unit type flexographic printing presses can perform post-printing processing on the same device, such as reverse printing, coating, laminating, die cutting, cross cutting, slitting, punching, punching, fan folding, Automatic waste disposal, etc., can even add a number, bronzing or screen printing unit on the printing unit. Therefore, it is not unreasonable to call a flexographic press a print processing line.

6. Low production cost and high economic efficiency

Compared with gravure printing, the flexographic platemaking cycle is short and the plate making cost is 30% lower; the ink consumption is 30% less than the gravure; the power consumption is 40%; the printing speed is fast, and the printing speed of the general unit type narrow web printing machine can be Up to 150 meters per minute, the printing speed of satellite wide flexo printing machine can reach more than 350 meters per minute; scrap rate is lower than gravure and offset printing; occupy less production site; comprehensive processing ability is strong, once formed, saves the following process Workmanship; avoids the waste of work flow between processes.

7. Small production investment

Because of the relatively simple structure of the flexographic printing press, the equipment investment is lower than offset presses or gravure presses of the same scale, which generally saves 30% to 40%. In addition, in the case of narrow-width flexo presses, since it has almost all of its post-press processing functions, users have purchased flexographic printing presses, eliminating the need for additional post-press processing equipment such as die-cutting and polishing. This saves some of this investment. At the same time, it also saves space and labor for this part of the equipment.

Comparing flexo printing with gravure printing, all products that can be printed by gravure printing can be flexographically printed and can be at or near the quality level of gravure printing, and flexible materials that can be printed with a flexographic printing machine However, it cannot be replaced by gravure; in addition, in terms of equipment investment and use cost, the flexographic printing method is much lower than the gravure printing method. Undoubtedly, the use of flexo printing and packaging printing production is a wise choice for low investment and high output.

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