Ms. Tianjin Yang complained about the mediation results of the Oriental Home Yadi Luo Man Furniture

Exhibition Hall: Oriental Home

Merchant Brand: Yadi Luo Man

Location of the consumer: Ms. Yang, resident of Huimin Village, Huiqing Building, Wuqing, Tianjin

Time: Consumer shopping time: mid-July 2012

Mediation time: September 11, 2012

Event: In the middle of July 2012, Ms. Yang purchased a fabric sofa at the Yadi Luo Man on the second floor of the Oriental Home. During the transaction, the two parties negotiated that the sofa filler was cotton, but the product was shipped to Ms. Yang soon. The filling is duck down and has an odor. Therefore, it is required to return the goods with the merchant. Through the mediation of the staff of the Tianjin office and the mediation office of the Oriental Home, the merchants will return the goods in time and get the satisfaction of Ms. Yang.

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