Different wardrobes of different materials require different maintenance methods

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] When maintaining the whole wardrobe, it needs to be repaired according to the materials of the wardrobe. Different wardrobe materials have different maintenance methods!

1. PVC: use 10% liquid soapy water or detergent water with a dilution of less than 5%, rinse with water, and dry with a soft cloth. Never use products that contain thinners, solvents, abrasives, or powders. After the PET door panel protective film is removed, it is best not to move it in the ventilation position for one week to improve the scratch resistance of the overall wardrobe.

2. Double-faced particle board door panel and cabinet board: clean with a damp cloth. If deep cleaning is required, add a little liquid cleanser while washing, rinse with water, and dry with a soft cloth. The overall wardrobe franchisee reminds users not to use thinner or acetone products because they can cause deformation of the overall wardrobe and softening of the dust-proof strip around the front of the cabinet.

3. The surface of the door panel of the overall wardrobe is fireproof: clean with a damp cloth. If deep cleaning is required, rinse with a cleanser, rinse with a soft cloth, and dry with a soft cloth. Also, do not use products containing diluents, solvents, or acetone.

4. Maintenance of artificial stone countertops: daily maintenance: use soapy water or ordinary household cleaner to get out most of the daily stains; stubborn stains: use neutral detergent, or diluted bleach and other non-abrasive washing Scrub, then scrub with a scouring pad to remove stubborn stains.

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