Winter Deep Moisturizing 12 Moisturizing Hearts

Entering the autumn and winter, we will enter the war with drought, but in the winter moisturizing, of course, we can not only do superficial work, so that the skin can achieve remarkable results in the three lessons of water storage, water retention and hydration, in order to cycle with each other, surround Interest, today I will send you 12 tips for moisturizing in winter.

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12 winter moisturizing tips

1. Cold boiled water has better hydrating effect than hot boiled water. Drinking more every day can help the water that is easy to be metabolized to maintain the best level.

2. Drink a cup of cold water before taking a bath or shower to prevent the heat from evaporating from the skin.

3, skin care products contain vitamins, moisturizing effect will be more obvious. Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, E, F and H are all good.

4, the night is the time for the skin penetration to strengthen, sleep, sleep well, the skin becomes watery after getting up.

5, the fruit can be hydrating and vitamins, deep moisturizing the skin, of course, can not be omitted. But eating high-sugar fruits will consume water, and citrus, strawberries, grapes and other less sweet fruits may wish to eat more.

6, more than 12 o'clock to sleep, the skin's moisture will be pulled out, so, always staying up late people have loose skin and water shortage.

7, drink a small glass of red wine before going to bed, blood circulation is accelerated, the skin's absorption of moisturizing products can be significantly increased.

8. Leave the computer for 5 minutes every hour and let the skin rest for a while.

9, 2-3 times a week, moisturizing and dry skin, especially in autumn and winter, hydrating mask is indispensable.

10, should gradually increase the use of moisturizing essence, aromatic essential oils, anti-wrinkle cream to winter tonic.

11. Because of the youngness and neglect of maintenance, the situation of water shortage and old age frequently occurs. In fact, people use baby oil from infancy, and they can't do without the care of skin care products. The age of contact with adult skin care products should start at 18 years old.

12, the most safe and effective moisturizer hyaluronic acid in skin care products, not affected by the climate, determined to hydrate the skin.

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