Logs and deep woods are suitable for different styles of wood decorations.

From interior decoration to outdoor architecture, from a woodcarving piece to a wooden table, wood ornaments have always been loved by people for their unique and simple image. Ornaments made of wood have been popular for many years. Experts said that the choice of wood ornaments should be combined with the wood color and decoration style, and pay attention to the strengths and avoid weaknesses when decorating.
Logs and deep wood

Suitable for different styles

Different accessories should echo the different styles of decoration. The same is true for wood ornaments.

It is understood that wood is generally divided into wood color and dark color. Among them, the color of the logs is light, mostly in light yellow and beige, and the price is relatively cheap. Dark wood is dominated by mahogany, and the price is much more expensive than the color of the wood.

Some people in the decoration industry said that due to the different qualities of the primary color wood and the dark wood, the corresponding decoration styles of the two are different. Among them, light-colored wood is more conducive to the expression of rural style, can be combined with glass and fabric, combining original materials with modern materials, can highlight the simple and natural effect. Dark wood is mostly used for Chinese decoration.

Industry insiders reminded that because dark wood has a more Chinese charm, it is necessary to pay attention to the overall atmosphere in the decoration.

Choosing wood ornaments should be different

Because home decoration often needs to match each other, many consumers think that the color and style of wood decoration should be unified when choosing wood decoration. In this regard, the home experts said that the selection of wood ornaments should pay attention to the reflection, but the owners do not have to be too demanding and unified, neat and tidy changes are more aesthetic.

First of all, in the overall feeling of home decoration and decoration, attention should be paid to uniformity. Therefore, the woodwork should have a main color, the main style. If it is a mahogany decoration, it is more likely to become the core of home decoration because of its high price. In short, the woodwork must be subject to the overall decoration and decoration.

Second, choose some chic wood ornaments to break the house too neatly. Neatness is a kind of harmonious beauty, breaking the harmony regularly, and it is also a kind of unique harmony. For example, in the case of home decoration with primary color wood, choose a small dark wood carving, which often plays the role of finishing touch.

Wood jewelry cleaning detergent

Although wood ornaments are very popular, it is really a hassle to take care of. Once the wood jewelry is dusty, it is easy to appear old, scrubbing and cleaning is very important. Especially for woodcarving jewelry, the gap created by engraving tends to accumulate dust. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the room at ordinary times, and keep a clean brush and other tools for cleaning the wood. Gently sweep the dust. Do not use too hard when cleaning. Items or detergents to avoid damaging the natural texture and color of the wood.

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