The innovative technology of the Gallus EM 410/510 S

The compact EM 410/510 S is mainly used in the field of packaging and trademark printing. It undertakes the printing production of high-grade cigarette packs, folding cartons, etc. The most advanced servo-driven web transfer system brings users high Production quality and the best cost-effectiveness. Combining a unique platform with a unified modular design, the S-Series equipment will be a safe and successful investment for you now and in the future.

The company has always been committed to satisfying the market demand for packaging and trademark printing, and has vigorously researched, developed and produced narrow web printing equipment for the high-end market. For high-grade cigarettes and other fields, the Gallus device has the following features:

1 has a modular, platform-based structural design Modular and flat desktop design concepts, for the flexibility and multi-functional equipment combination laid a good foundation for the future expansion of the device to provide complete possibilities. Servo-driven hybrid flexo and screen printing units, as well as front loading of printing cylinders and anilox roller sleeves, combined with preset functions, can streamline workflows and minimize adjustment setup and job changeover times.
The sleeve technology of the EM410S printing cylinder and anilox roller enables flexographic printing with the shortest adjustment preparation and job transfer time. Combining a unique platform with a unified modular design, the S-Series equipment will be a safe and successful investment for you now and in the future.

2 multi-technology combination The Gallas equipment integrates water-based and UV flexo printing (front and back both sides printing), screen printing, bronzing and other printing methods and processes in one. With optional finishing methods, including glazing and laminating, it meets the ever-increasing quality requirements in the market.
The Gallas KM510S incorporates a narrow web printing and on-line processing system for the production of high quality cardboard products such as folding cartons, foam packaging, display packaging, cups (eg beverage cups, cheese box packaging) . The same applies to the food and non-food sector (cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, household products, etc.).

3 Printed materials A wide range of compact EM 410/510 S can be applied to paper and plastic labels, single-layer foil labels, OPP and PET wrap labels, in-mold labels and shrink sleeves, flexible wrappers and much more Products.

4 Short conversion time The shortest adjustment preparation and job conversion time ensures that the short and medium-length prints have a very low cost. The transition from flexographic printing to screen printing is extremely rapid, eliminating the need to cut webs and greatly reducing production costs.

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