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The FS-40 automatic capsule filling and sealing machine is the synthesis of the two most successful devices of Shionogi Qualicaps Inc.: F-40 automatic capsule filling machine and S-40 automatic hard capsule filling machine. The most prominent feature of the FS-40 is its new closed automatic transfer system, which immediately transports the filled capsules directly to the sealing device, simplifies the conveying operation to the maximum extent, improves the integrity of the capsules, and ensures a reduction in the Depression and deformation. This integrated device also makes filling and sealing of low-viscosity materials easier. The combination of the equipment and the company's three-wheel rectification system makes the operation more stable, which reduces the vibration of the capsule and therefore reduces the liquid leakage. This allows the clean capsule to pass through the sealing device more smoothly, reducing the downtime required for the cleaning process.

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