HYA-8850 high-speed computer color gravure printing machine

This machine is a high-speed gravure printing machine developed with reference to and drawing on the advantages of the most advanced similar models at home and abroad. It is suitable for continuous multicolor printing of roll film materials with excellent printing performance such as BOPP, PET, PVC, PE, NY, paper, aluminum foil and aluminum foil.

Performance characteristics:

★ host adopts imported frequency control.
★ Retractable roll duplex station, no parking refueling.
★ The main drive adopts oil-immersed high-precision gear box linkage and low noise.
★ Plate positioning adopts the form of non-axis cone top, which is quick to replace and accurate in positioning.
★ Arc pressure double cylinder imprint.
★External heating, hot air circulation, automatic constant temperature, secondary air return, combined with cold air and water cooling roller device, to achieve efficient drying capacity with suction and exhaust devices.
★ Ink on the pneumatic diaphragm pump, stainless steel ink plate with self-draining mouth.
★ Two-axis moving squeegee holder, two-cylinder pressing ink blade, and three-position adjustment tool holder angle.
★ The guide roller is balanced and the surface is hard oxidized.
★ With color deviation display, system comprehensive deviation correction and over-abbreviation alarm function.

Main configuration:

★ High-speed unwinding pre-drive feeding ★ 7-axis vector frequency conversion closed-loop control ★ imported industrial calculator touch screen ★ imported ultra-low friction cylinder float roller tension control (4 sets)
★ imported or domestic image monitoring system (set)
★ imported or domestic computer color registration system (set)
★ The highest mechanical speed 1 80m/min

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