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There is now a cold-keeping carton pack on the market that can keep cold and cold foods in a cold state without a freezer or cooler. This is a carton packaging product developed by Graphic Packaging Inc. called IcePark. When people go out, they add ice cubes. The beverages in the carton can be kept cold and taken out. Drink while walking. Because the inside of the carton is covered with a layer of barrier film. And designed a special link plate force sheet and gusset fold layer. Therefore, even if the ice melts, it will not leak water. Last summer, Coors Light Beer used bottle packaging, but also used cans, bags and other packaging containers.

The reverse printing was performed on the inside of the thin and transparent soft plastic film. The vacuum evaporation process was performed and then extrusion was laminated on the cardboard. This treatment in addition to improving the barrier properties of packaging materials. Stacked with plastic film on cardboard. It also improves durability. And the print pattern is in the inner layer of the film. It is rubbed and protected from damage.

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