A piece of Amy Da watch, it's movement are more than 90 years old

For mechanical watches, most people pay attention to its value, function or brand history, watch the players are more concerned about its movement. If it is a combination of Yan value function, and equipped with a history of antique mechanical movement can be traced, it will certainly make the table friends scream for it. Xiao Bian today to talk to you, the watch industry favorite to play the antique movement of Swiss watch brand Armeida Armand Nicolet. Amy Da Antiques Limited Edition L06 7130A-AG-P713BX2 limited edition mechanical men's watch (out of print) Founded by founder Armand Nicolet in 1875 in the Swiss Valley of the Berne, here is the birthplace of Swiss watchmaking, where the Nicolet family members are known for their watchmaking business. In that turmoil in the quartz watch industry turmoil in Switzerland, many brands of mechanical watches slow sales, in the face of tremendous pressure, they have started selling cheap mechanical movement. The Armand Nicolet was upstream at this time, set the power of the family, the acquisition of a wide range of antique movement, including the discontinued Venus movement, UT movement, etc., because he firmly believes that not only the charm of mechanical watches will not decline, And can rekindle new life. Have to say that he made a very correct decision, and now the whole of Switzerland, no watch brand has such a lot of antique movement like the AIDA, and the earliest antique movement, dating back more than 90 years of history. Amy Da Antiques Limited Edition LL9 8653A-GN-P953GR8 Mechanical Ladies Watch The first antique movement can not be fully preserved, there will inevitably be part of the loss, therefore, need to first select a collection of antique AMEX movement available to ensure that the selected parts can be used normally, of course, have to go through time adjustment, after Modify, add some modern precision devices such as new hairspring, etc., to ensure that the watch has a higher standard than in the past. Amy Da Antiques Limited Edition L09 T619A-AG-P760NR4 Mechanical Men's Watch Take the most successful transformation of the most successful Omega H • M, the full name of the Original Historical Movement written as the original movement, its transformation process is very complicated. First of all, the company needed to disassemble the massive antique movement and use high-precision instruments to measure the original movement parts. This was done in the past due to the difficulty of ensuring that all parts dimensions are uniform standards and fine-gauge measurements Can be used to make or combine into the movement. When each part has been measured, all results are entered into the 3D program, which analyzes the data in detail and reassembles the movement. At this point, the watchmaker will propose the appropriate decoration or technical improvements (such as adding a shock absorber system) recommendations. When the proposed amendment is approved, watchmakers will adjust and decorate the movement. In order to achieve beautiful decorative effects, the company uses original tools and instruments that have not been surpassed by modern machines. After the process of adjusting and decorating the movement is completed, the watchmaker checks to see if the calibrated movement matches the one drawn by the 3D pro program. The entire assembly process by the Ameida master watchmakers manual operation. In addition, the watch also need to undergo a rigorous functional tests, strap assembly also made by hand. It also has its own patent bracelet, its special is that, no matter how you adjust the location of the clasp has always been in the center of the wrist, is definitely the gospel of patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder. At this point, a carrying the HTC M M Movement of the Ameida watch finally make an intoxicating sound. This is the charm of the antique movement. Rolando Braga, the current president of the company, said: "Our goal is to make the world discover the once buried treasure and let the world know that it is something we can do." With its highly collectible antique movement, Whether for the real watch collectors, or want to learn more about the mechanical watches watch friends, are very noteworthy. This article is reproduced, does not represent the world position of million table.

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